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Cartoonist Reimagines Disney Characters In The Age Of Social Distancing

We are living in a strange period of time. COVID-19 is the bane of our existence and humankind as a whole has never experienced something this disastrous. One thing, that COVID-19 has made all of us abide by is social distancing. Quarantine is real, folks. There is no running from it. Everyone is a slave to social distancing now. The language around social distancing has become a source of collective humor for the entirety of humankind. We constantly imagine everything under the umbrella of social distancing.


Not only common people, but artists have also come out of their shells and have caught up with jokes centering on this pandemic. Artists have started creating capturing the ongoing crises. One cartoonist, in particular, has very innovatively used Disney characters to show what these movie scenes would look like if they were made during the concept of social distancing. The talented artist, Megan, is a Disney fan who has created a comic series that shows Disney characters observing social distancing. Looking at these images, and imagining our favorite characters going through a pandemic is hilarious!

Scroll below to find your favorite characters fighting Corona!

Via: @meganthecartoonist

1. Hakuna Matata!

Our favorite group of friends is taking the pandemic very seriously while they hang out in the fresh air!

2. Dating during Corona, Lady and the Tramp


This is a lesson for everyone who wants to go on dates during the pandemic. If these two lovelies can observe social distancing while being on a date, then so can you all!

3. Cinderalla gets no dance!


Sadly, Cinderella and the prince would not be able to dance during the pandemic. We should find another way for them to make their relationship happen!

4. Aladin and the distant Jasmine


I think the luckiest people during the pandemic are the characters in Aladdin. They all can easily observe social distancing by flying far away from others!

5. The Princess and the Frog; The long-distance relationship


All those people who were jealous of a frog winning the heart of the princess, no need to get sad anymore! There is no way these two are getting together during social distancing.

I love these comics so much! Social distancing has been a part of our everyday life and it is hard not to imagine everything under the umbrella of social distancing now. All these cartoons made our childhood, which was so different from our current adult life. Seeing our favorite characters going through the same thing is making my boring day better! If you are going to sit at home all day, you might as well make comics out of Disney cartoons!

6. Peter Pan and Captain hook fighting with 6 feet distance!


Well, one thing is for sure. There is no way Captain hook will be able to harm our dear Peter pan in any way with that much distance between them. Sigh of relief!

7. Beauty and the Beast


We are not getting the iconic dance between belle and the beast because of the damn pandemic! Of all the things this pandemic has taken away from us, one thing that we were hoping to keep is this beautiful dance between these two.

8. Lilo and Stitch playing on a beach


Even during the pandemic, our childhood icons know how to have fun on the beach. The key is to maintain a safe distance, not to lose all the fun!

9. The most anticipated kiss!


I regret to inform you all that the kiss we have used to wait so impatiently for, would not have happened during a pandemic! These two lovebirds will just express their affection from 6 feet apart.

10. Bambi and bunny!


Meghan, the cartoonist, really made our day better with these innovative comics! We all have indulged in humor to bear with the ongoing pandemic. It is even funnier when cartoons that are close to our hearts are utilized to create comics that help us cope with the crises.

My personal favorite out of all these comics is the one featuring Lady and the tramp! It was my favorite Disney movie of childhood and seeing the cute doggos follow SOPs is making my heart swell.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment!


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