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Disney Movies With Quicker Endings And Hilarious Climax

Are you a Disney Fanatic? If yes, then you might love today’s topic. In spite of the fact that Disney movies can be thrilling and fascinating at times, but oftentimes Disney characters can be irritating since they aren’t always particularly bright, they want to complicate things, and they tend to emphasize everything – literally everything!! Anyways, this is what makes Disney’s narratives enchanting and full of plot twists.

Rather than drag things out for an eternity, these nasty protagonists might have done the job in a few minutes, or maybe by making one decision, a Disney character may be able to speed up the story’s line. Anyhow! It’s hard to imagine a movie with no evil person or a villain. If there aren’t any evil people, then everything could get really drab and dreary.

But did you ever wonder how the movie would look like if they use more logic and common sense? Obviously, the movies would be over in less than two minutes, imagine watching Snow White in only two minutes!! That’s why one of the Disney fans decided to create an artistic illustration that depicts it all.

C’mon, let’s have a look at some glimpse of these short movies:

1. This would have been done by a more savvy Snow White.


2. Let’s put him to death or put him in jail or whatever you want to do. Do with him!!


3. Ops!! Didn’t see that coming tho…


Oh gosh! If you’re looking for a good laugh, this is it. This is certainly the most hilarious thing on the internet. Cinderella’s rudeness and directness are uncharacteristic of the character. As a blessing, these Disney films don’t employ any logical reasoning.

4. Oh Gene! Pity you.


We wish Aladdin had done that since that would have made things a lot easier for everyone. No?

By the way, if you ever found a genie lamp, what would you wish for?

5. Mulan got a Dragon, nobody cares about gender or whatever!


In reality, if the movie Mulan had used some common sense and logic, it would have ended in a few minutes and would not have taken long hours to complete. No? What if the characters in this film simply invited Mulan to join the group without knowing anything about her character, gender, or anything else? What was most important was her dragon – her freaking dragon!!

6. That was fast!!


7. Lastly, a single letter might bring an entire movie to an abrupt end.

Thank heaven! Common reasons and logics are absent from these Disney productions. Taking this step would mean that we could no longer enjoy the films we grew up with. As a result, the stories were likely to get shorter as well. There are a lot of talented people in the fan art community who are capable of making us grin.

What are your thoughts on these fantastic illustrations? Did they make you laugh or grin? Do let us know your favorite comic because we’d love to hear from you!


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