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Dog Gets Confused After Seeing Reflections In The Mirror While Playing Hide-and-Seek

Dogs can get really confused at times.

Dogs are the best. Any activity that involves dogs becomes so much better and more fun. I don’t know how they do it but they do it very seamlessly as if they are some magicians. You never know, they could be. If I begin counting things they are best at, the list would never stop. Let’s keep that list for another article.


Doggos, along with lots of other things, love to play with their owners. Games like fetch, hide-and-seek, racing, they love them all. Dogs love being involved with their owners. And their involvement makes the whole experience more exciting. And don’t think dogs play games just for fun. They play to win. They are very smart and in games like hide-and-seek, they use their sense of smell to find the other players.

Shane and Lindsey are the owners of an adorable 10-months-old Golden Retriever, Moose, who love playing hide-and-seek with him. And Moose always gets super excited when the game starts.

Not for a second does Moose like to give up when it comes to a challenge. This competitiveness runs in all sorts of dogs. The word ‘losing’ is not part of their dictionary. The more it takes for him to find Lindsey and Shane, the more excited and impatient he gets, which makes his senses dial up to 11.


Running all around the house wagging his tail in excitement, the doggo decided to check in the bathroom. He was just so happy to be playing. Didn’t care about the fact that constant running was draining him out. But do kids listen to anyone when it comes to playing games?


When Moose entered the bathroom, he looked around for his owners when suddenly he saw Shane, but through the mirror. The overly excited good boy got really confused as to why couldn’t he see Shane in person but can see him through the mirror.


Shane was actually hiding behind the bathroom door, with his phone in his hand recording the whole experience. As soon as Moose came in, he caught a glimpse of his dad through the mirror and frantically jumped on the bathroom counter to catch him but stopped right in his tracks and kept staring for a while. He needed time to absorb what was happening. He was quick to notice the unusual and surely questioned himself as to why he was seeing a reflection of himself, Lindsey, and Shane.


Took a little while, but after some miming action, and mental calculations, Moose realized how mirrors worked and knew exactly where to look for Lindsey and Shane. Very intelligent.

Just look at his expressions as soon as he spots Shane in the mirror. So natural and real, and that is exactly what makes this whole thing so cute. Thankfully, they both recorded the whole experience. A perfect moment captured in memories forever. We wish this doggo a happy life. His excitement, motivation, and commitment to play the game show he’s a really good boy and a great companion.

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