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Dog Owner’s Emotionally Support Dog Ran Away And Gets Adopted A Shelter

Losing a dog is distressing, and discovering that your furry friend intentionally ran away adds an extra layer of fear. If your dog has a habit of escaping, it’s crucial to unravel the root cause and formulate a plan of action. Often, dogs flee out of boredom or lack of engagement, finding their own adventures when left alone outside.


In a particular case, Reddit user u/throwRA_frfx’s dog escaped under a pet sitter’s watch, with no communication about the incident. The dog ended up in a shelter, but attempts to contact OP were futile. The situation took a turn for the worse as the dog got adopted, leaving OP in need of legal guidance after unresponsive shelter communication.

OP was aware the internet was going to be the best source of guidance so he shared his story on the subreddit r/legaladvice to know his next step forward to get his support dog back.

Scroll down below to read the story and share advice for OP. Perhaps yours is the one that clicks.

Source: u/throwRA_frfx

1. Got adopted?

2. OP’s support dog ran away while he was in the hospital. A shelter found him and called OP but he didn’t respond but did make sure to call them on the 3rd day of receiving that first call.


3. OP shared that the dog sitter only informed him about this incident on the same day he called the shelter. When OP called, the shelter asked him to send an official email proving he owned the dog.


4. But after that OP received no response to his email. The shelter couldn’t find the dog in their system and hinted at a scenario that they might have given it for adoption.


5. The dog sitter went to that shelter as well to look for the dog but he couldn’t find it which led OP to believe his dog had been euthanized.


6. Months later OP enquired to the same shelter about his dog and this time they said it got adopted.


7. It was a waiting game for OP as both the shelter and the microchip company told OP to wait for his dog to get lost again for them to call him.


8. Perhaps OP himself should report the dog as stolen, then.


I think OP has made this scenario complex for himself. So much more than it was supposed to be. As per the details shared by OP, he called the shelter within the competition on the third day after their first call to him. Had the first call from the shelter passed the complete 72 hours, the shelter would have been legally allowed to put the dog up for adoption. As per OP, that was not the case so he can report the case to the police for a stolen dog.

I hope OP finds his dog. Screw the dog sitter, by the way. OP didn’t say anything to him because he was his Dad’s friend. But screw that guy for being so irresponsible.

Source: u/throwRA_frfx

Here’s all the advice OP got:

9. ESA is a property. That’s that. Show police the call log to prove you called within three days of their call and report your property as stolen by someone else.


Via MrBadBadly

10. For clarity, OP shared an update putting edits into the original story in which he mentioned he made a return call to the shelter within 3 days of the original call he missed from them.


Via Wooden-Poem-7970

11. Maybe as per the law, the days are fewer where OP lives.

Via Responsible-Mall2222

12. Include the shelter as the offender in your police report, maybe then they will help you in attempts to get you to close the case.


Via senorpepino

13. Not all areas have pet licenses so this is not universal advice.

Via SailorSeaWeed420

14. Sue the shelter.


Via Similar-Election7091

15. There is a solid way for OP to go about this as suggested below.

Via Warning_Ocelot

16. OP would have felt after hearing his companion was long gone.


Via MakeMeFamous7

17. OP is not getting the hints. The comments will surely open his eyes.

Via HappinessLaughs

18. This is good advice. OP should try to find out the people who adopted his dog. Maybe communicating with them could potentially result in him getting his dog back.


Via Similar-Election7091

19. The law varies, sure, but it is never unfair. Look into it.

Via groupfun1

20. Closing with a sad reality but high hopes because no entity or power can defeat positive hope.


Via Maleficent_Chard2042

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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