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9 Dog Posts From This Week That Are Just What The Doctor Advised

Are you guys ready for your weekly dosage of doggo posts?

Before we start, we’d like to talk about these incredibly amazing species. It is an undeniable fact that we would be so lifeless without their existence in our lives. Their adorable facial expressions and their beautiful faces are enough to melt anyone’s heart away. Sometimes I feel that the saying “love at first sight” must have been emerged from doggos. I mean, you can literally fall in love with them instantly in the first sight. Sounds silly? (Probably to cat lovers) but not to the dog lovers!

Dogs have been labelled as a man’s best friend and there are numerous reasons attached to it but we’d like to mention a few only because we know you are eager to see the pictures we have in store for you, today. Well, dogs are known to shower you with their unconditional love while staying extremely loyal to you. They wouldn’t even want anything in return but if you are willing to shower them with love too, we assure you that they would always be willing to go an extra mile for you. They would protect you from every type of dangers and would even give their lives if they have to but won’t let any harm come to you, such is there loyalty and love!

Now, without any further delays, let’s just move onto the adorable and cute pictures that we have collected for you and we are pretty sure that it’s going to leave a big smile on your face! Let us start, shall we? Scroll down.

1. That is one MASSIVE dog!


Imagine getting cuddles from this big fluffy pupper!

2. Bodhi to the rescue!

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Can I hire him permanently, please?

3. Damn, never seen a dog wearing a lab gear!

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And that is one of the coolest doggos ever!

4. No, I’m digging that look.

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She sneezed way too hard though!


He is so adorable! Gosh!

We are just halfway through and we are pretty sure that you probably don’t want it to end because watching these adorable little puppers is truly a treat! We must have done some good deeds in our lives to get this blessing! There’s a lot more funny stuff below, continue scrolling!

6. Doggo be like “Yo, what’s up dawg?”

I’d have died laughing if I were ever to witness my doggo doing that to me!

7. Can’t even imagine the happiness that guy under Donald’s mask would be feeling!

Wish I was that guy…just look at that pupper!!!!

8. This dog can use that skateboard better than I could my whole life.

Teach me, master!

9. This reminded me of the scene from Tom & Jerry when Spike is about to eat tom’s head.

That’s hilarious AF!


What do you think?