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18 Hilarious Dog Tweets That Are Too Important To Miss

People can’t get enough of dogs, be it online or in real life.

Can you name any relationship more wholesome than the one that humans and dogs have with each other? Well, take your time, I’ll wait.

The love between these two species is complex and difficult to understand. But, whatever the reason, it has always been magical. We are, and will always be obsessed with dogs. Dogs also reciprocate our love with even greater love and warmth. You will see many people around you, who have dogs as an important part of their lives. And, as today’s world has become more digital, so they have become the part of our online world too. People love to share countless animal pictures and pet stories online every day, and most of the times they are related to dogs. Animal twitter serves us unlimited dogs related content that is wholesome and hilarious at the same time. In order to make your day better, we have collected tweets that have gone crazy viral and are most hilarious.

Check these out.

1. Frida deserves all the love and appreciation. Precious!

Via @dog_rates

2. Isn’t it the story of every dog? They love to choke on whatever they will find.

Via @clsdapp

3. Dogs are our superheroes.

Via @SwampWi68671152

Dogs are believed to help reduce stress, depression and anxiety in humans, according to many researches. Petting a dog reduces stress hormone and trigger the release of “oxytocin” a hormone that makes us feel happy and good. Many people have shown rapid recovery from trauma and stress in the presence of these adorable furry creatures. This hormone balance also keeps blood pressure in control and make heart health better.

Dogs also provide us with great company. They are famously loyal and are very friendly. According to many studies, they boost self esteem in their owners and are best companions in loneliness. They also ease depression and help people to overcome their social anxiety. Hence, they improve people’s social life tremendously. All these amazing things happen to us by just having dogs around. Aren’t they the best?

4. My heart is melting. Stop. 

Via @WeLoveDogsUSA

5. Aw. 

Via @pantless_papple

6. Want to shed those extra pounds? Well hello, you know the trick now.

Via @simply_mixed_up

7. This is one good boi.


Via @NormOrnstein

8. What is more good than a dog? More dogs.


Via @rilaws


9. Savior. 

Via @WeLoveDogsUSA

10. We believe her.

Via @jpbrammer

11. Taking care of your dog is important.

Via @Kantohttp

12. He can have the whole day off. Please.

Via @Darrelthedoge

13. Meet Halo, she is so happy and contented with her watermelon. Love her.

Via @dog_feelings

14. Adorable!

Via @WinterForMT

15. Grandmas FTW!


Via @MNateShyamalan

17. We want this plushie. Right now.

Via @shouldhavedogss

18. OOPS!

Via @SyLicoNgaAko

Hope you enjoyed these hilarious dog tweets. Share your thoughts in comments below!





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