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18 Doggos Chilling In Water And Debunking The Myth That Dogs Hate Bathtime

The most unlikely place you would ever find your dog in is a bathtub.

Dog owners know the struggle of taking their canine friends to bath. All the dogs on planet earth mutually hate to take bath and always try to escape one. They would dodge you by one hundred ways on their way to bathtub and the tantrums they throw are never ending. It’s better to stay stinky and dirty than having to be washed over and get cleaned. This is the dog logic for avoiding the baths apparently. All the dogs universally hate the idea of taking bath. For this reason, you have to be really clever and consistent to do this herculean task.


But, there are some dogs who are rule breakers and are actually seen taking baths and chilling in bathtubs. Now if they actually enjoy it or are just being forced to do it, you will decide.

Check them out.

#1 “Look human, I came here for a bath, not pics.”

Image Credit: a_dog_named_dilly via Instagram

#2 “Mommy left me in this nice and warm place. What do I do?”

Image Credit: billyboy_obrien via Instagram

#3 You can confirm by the look on his face that he’s about to change his hooman right after that.

Image Credit: kevv.the.labrador via Instagram

#4 He gave up.

Image Credit: thegadogs via Instagram

#5 Is he really liking it or planning to take revenge? I’m confused.

Image Credit: jackmariotheshiba via Instagram

Dogs are so lovable and we want for them all the good that is out there. This is why even when they are not liking a bath, we have to give them one in order to keep them healthy. Periodic baths are very important for dogs to keep them clean and free of parasites. Usually giving them bath once a month is enough.

 #6 This pretty lady’s gonna be more nice and clean.

Image Credit: bichon_golden via Instagram

#7 Bubble baths are >>>>>>

Image Credit: winniegirl360 via Instagram

#8 All nice and cozy in the towel.

Image Credit: thatpuppysunny via Instagram

#9 He is clearly enjoying his bath time.

Image Credit: peakinpup via Instagram

#10 *sniffs* ya, this will work.

Image Credit: taylor.perduee via Instagram

#11 Got bamboozled into this bathtub.

Image Credit: bexley_saro_guthrie via Instagram

#12 Going through his mid-bath crisis.

Image Credit: meg.bear.kobe.oscar via Instagram

#13 Shall I keep trying for an escape or shall I quit?

Image Credit: nekari_safari via Instagram

#14 “Aighttt das enough, now lemme out”

Image Credit: dakotatheducktoller via Instagram

#15 Puppy eyes won’t help escape a bath.

Image Credit: scullythepooch via Instagram

#16 Bath with buddies is major requirement for living best life.

Image Credit: chasin_chester via Instagram

#18 “Hey buddy, will ya help me get outta here?”

Image Credit: camphenry212 via Instagram

Does your dog also through tantrums before bath time like these doggos? If yes then share with us in the comments below.


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