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12 Wholesome Photos That Prove Dogs And Cats Can Be BFFs

Cats and dogs can be friends. Not just friends but Best Friends Forever.

Cats and dogs are known to be different from each other. Whenever we think of a dog and a cat together in a house, a fight scene comes before our eyes. Well, things are not like what you are thinking. A cat and a dog have so many things in common. Both are cute, both are fluffy. Both are adorable and snuggable. When cats and dogs share so many similarities, they become best buddies. They would play together, nap together and have incredible adventures together. When you are a mom or dad of both a cat and a dog, the fun doubles. You have two cute pets to make you happy. Today, we have made a wholesome collection of photos that will prove that cats and dogs can be best friends forever. Scroll down to watch the overloaded cuteness.

1. After five months of being enemies, they have finally become buddies.

Via u/sinkcat321

2. Typical best friends.


Via u/cyberannita

3. Meet Ace and Beau. They are each other’s friends.


Via Roxxy

4. Come out and let’s play.


Via u/Alpha_Bet-Soup

5. Best buddies who love to snuggle.


Via /u/cybergirls

6. Meet Elwood and Mr. Pettybone, the best buddies in our house.


Via /u/dizzymylizzy

Seeing a cat and a dog peacefully sitting together might be surprising but we love their incredible bond. What’s better than two furry friends getting close to each other? If you have a dog and are not sure if you should adopt a cat or not, we would suggest you definitely adopt a cat because your doggo and the newly adopted catto will get along really well. Scroll down to see more cat-dog friendships.

7. Meet Thrice and Fonz. Thrice, the pup and Fonz, the kitty.


Via u/PoetLucy

8. My old man diva cat and 2 year-old chihuahua are best buddies.


Via lettheweirdnessin

9. Skippy and Hatchy can’t live without each other.


Via u/Raygun-Wej

10. Kiara and Zelda are best friends.


Via sparkles-and-trash

11. Nothing like their bonding.

Via u/sweet_illusions

12. Friends who sleep together, stay together.


Via u/snacksandpets

How beautiful do cats and dogs look together! Are you a mum/dad of both the cat and the dog? If yes, what kind of a relationship do your pets share? Are they friendly or hate each other? Also, comment down to let us know about your favorite photo from the list.


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