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17 Adorable Dogs Dressed As Royalties

Dogs That Are No Less Than Royalties.

We all know that cats are known for being royal. Their personality, behavior and aura are of a royal being, it is in their blood. What we do not know is that dogs can be just as royal as cats. If not more. I believe dogs can do anything and everything. Whatever they do, they do it with grace and perfection. Dogs are just too good to be true. They take their responsibilities very seriously and do their job perfectly. You can never point out flaws in them. Dogs can be helpers, fighters, protectors, therapists, rescuers, guiders, shepherds, models, they can even paint if trained well and so many more. There is something that you and I had never seen or heard a dog do, which is being royalty. Yes, they can be kings, queens or even princes and princesses.


We have collected extremely cute pictures of dogs dressed as royalties and oh my God, it is so adorable. My heart can not handle such cuteness. Some of them are cute but most of them look so serious, they carry their royal persona so well. It does not look planned or as if they are modeling at all. It would make you think that these dogs are actually royal dogs, owned by royal people. Keep scrolling to be shocked by how authoritative and powerful these dogs look dressed as royal with their beautiful crowns and all…

1. A handsome, royal birthday boy.

Image Credit: betterk9 via Instagram

2. All hail the Queen doggo.


Image Credit: furdrobe via Instagram

3. So dainty and cute.


Image Credit: theseattlebarkery via Instagram

4. Bow down to your King and Queen.


Image Credit: thealabamaskye via Instagram

5. His majesty looks confused here.


Image Credit: fancydogs via Instagram

6. You are so cute, your Highness.


Image Credit: urbanpawsshop via Instagram

7. Oh, he looks so authoritative and powerful.


Image Credit: shaggythesexidog via Instagram

8. Best costume award goes to this doggo.


Image Credit: embarkvet via Instagram

These dogs are actually looking so powerful, I literally bowed down in a curtsy to a couple of them. No joke. They look so authoritative. I love the energy and how invested they are in their characters. I feel like they are actually owned by royals, for real. I need to look that up and see if my thoughts are correct. Because wow, these dogs are just amazing. I must praise their owners for styling them so beautifully, the photography is also great. But the most praises are for the doggos. They are rocking it. Keep scrolling to see more of these majestic dogs…

9. Oh, my God. These dogs are definitely the winners. Or should I say royals.


Image Credit: circlepicsphotography via Instagram

10. Adorable dog right here.


Image Credit: dierentehuisbeilen via Instagram

11. Here is your sweet and kind Queen everyone.

Image Credit: theadventuresofellemcd via Instagram

12. Aww, this is such a cute picture. That tiny crown is so cutesy.


Image Credit: crazybob__83 via Instagram

13. She is definitely a shy one.

Image Credit: vinoaholic via Instagram

14. Ladies and gentle, I present you the King and the Queen.


Image Credit: olive_paris via Instagram

15. A royal dog and his throne.

Image Credit: mckinleythepuppy via Instagram

16. This cute munchkin must be protected at all costs.


Image Credit: muppetgus via Instagram

17. The King, the Queen and the Princess.

Image Credit: rupco_retrievers via Instagram

You guys, be right back, let me order a king’s costume and crown for my doggo. This is such an amazing idea, I could do this on Halloween, great! I am already so excited to dress up with my dog. These images were totally mind-blowing. I loved each and every one of them. The poses, the clothes, tiara and crowns, the photography and all. I have to say it. Bravo. They all outdid themselves. You guys already know who was the winner for me. Which one was the most royal-looking to you? Let us know in the comments down below…


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