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12 Sassy Dogs And Cats Crossing Their Paws That Are Too Cool To Handle

You’ll often see your dog or a cat sitting in a comfy pose with their paws crossed over each other, what makes them do that? Ever wondered? It’s when these furry floofs are comfortable with their environment and surroundings. They mostly would exhibit this pose while you both are randomly chilling in the living room alongside a fire on a cold day – just making up a situation, it might also happen on summery days, lol.


This sight soothing pose is also known as polite paws. It’s so because your pet is acknowledging the fact that it feels comfortable around you and that it senses no danger while being at home. We’ve compiled some of the politest paws you could paw-sibly come across!

1. The softest fleecy polite paws

via @heath_laws via Twitter

“Pebbles is the perfect image of politeness”

2. Little body resting with those adorable polite paws

via Kylie Sparks via Twitter

What’s better than resting with your little boy after a long tiring day, that too when he’s making sure he is at peace

3. Polite paws don’t want you to leave just yet

via Kylie Sparks via Twitter

Can I please come along?

4. He makes sure to sit like that every time his person is off to work

via @supercam via Twitter

So that he stays home and plays fetch… Smart move tallboy

5. Dozy little polite paws

via Nick D’Angelo via Twitter

That blanket sure feels warm and soft

6. Polite paws duo

via Susan Almon via Twitter

Double dose of serenity

As explained by animal behaviourists, this pose takes the weight off the shoulders of our furry friends. Hereby they choose to sit in this pose when they are fully content as well as they’re sure that there’s no danger around. This mostly happens when humans are not around but in the case of domestic pets, the odds are that these bundles of fur simply come to your lap and sploots with their forepaws crossed.

Scroll down to see more polite paws which will surely soothe you and bring a smile to your face!

7. Sits like a king but humble enough to be polite

via Bridget Badore via Twitter

This furball sure is the king of polite paws

8. Kitty telling us about her favorite spot where she cozies up

via @lzneedle via Twitter

That’s a nice cushy spot, indeed!

9. Polite paws sploots around in the lounge

via @jtetreault04

You cant change that carpet anytime soon because her feline highness likes it a little too much…

10. “Harry wants you to know he has polite paws, but don’t mess with him — check out those little talons!”

via @MsMarialba via Twitter

polite but not vulnerable!

11. Bella like her bed

via @mistercustomer via Twitter

Sleep tight, sweet dreams

12. “Luna wants you to know everything’s going to be okay. Trust her”

via @mamawhale via Twitter

Animals communicate through different body signs and pose. They are very sensitive in sensing love, affection, and danger. They also get to know when you are stressed and worried, that’s when snuggles and cuddles begin to make you feel better.

Having a cat or a dog around as a pet brings so much happiness and contentment, it’s not just us who feel content due to their presence, our pets too, feel safe around us and ‘polite paws’ is another example of how they express their trust in us.

If you’ve ever captured or plan to capture your pet being polite to you, make sure to share it with us we’ll love to adore their cuteness by an extra mile!


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