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20 Wholesome Photos of Elderly Pets Who Are Living A Great Life With Their Loving Humans

It is our pets who give us moments of happiness.

Do you know that pets have a short life span? Yeah, we know, knowing that will make you sad. It makes us sad as well but that’s how it is. We can’t increase their life span but one thing we can do for them is, we can love them and cuddle with them as much as possible and cherish every moment spent with our four-legged furry friends. They grow up so fast. It feels like yesterday when you brought them home and today they have grown up so big.

Today, we have compiled 20 wholesome photos of elderly animals who are celebrating their birthdays with their loving owners. So, scroll down and have fun browsing through the cutest photos!

1. “My beloved cat is turning 20 today. She lives with my parents, and I’m driving over to congratulate her.”


© jessybean / Reddit

Everyone, wish her a happy birthday.

2. “My 16-year-old dog can’t walk anymore, but we hated the idea of going on a family outing and leaving her behind!”


© _kathjoy / Reddit

That’s how you include your pets in your adventures.

3. She has turned 23 and still looks so young.


© -ToriStory- / Reddit

4. Maggie got a steak for her 16th birthday.


© Emdubs / Reddit

5. “7 years ago, I decided to adopt the cheapest cat in the shelter. This guy proved to be the best $10 I’ve ever spent. Meet Hank, age 12!”


© michaelscottspenis / Reddit

Hank wants you to stop taking his pictures and start playing with him.

6. “This guy is 15 and he’s only getting cuter with age!”


© anencephalouss / Reddit

The older, the cuter.

7. Happy 15th to this beautiful girl!!!

8. Meet Marceline. She is 14 years old.


© concrete_cowboy360 / Reddit

9. “Meet Roksi! She’s a 16-year-old mixed-breed.”

© dididaada / Reddit

10. Meet Papi. He is a 12 year old sweet boi!


© FayeMsTierious / Reddit

To be very honest, we love elderly pets. We have never understood why people don’t prefer elderly pets. Maybe because of the age factor or maybe people think they are lazy and not as energetic as the young ones but trust us, there are pros of having an elderly pet at home. Having an elderly pet is like having a decent and well-mannered old man at your house who would not make any mess.

11. “This old man turned 15 today. Let’s all wish him a Happy Birthday!”

© hawkx8 / Reddit

12. Abby is 22 years old. A bit of her left ear is missing but that does not stop her from being the cutest cat on Earth.


© actingjuice / Reddit

13. “I adopted this 13-year-old girl 2 weeks ago. I think we’re really getting along.”

© timberviolence / Reddit

14. This little girl has turned 15.


© BrightenthatIdea / Reddit

Time for party.

15. Meet 14 year old Jane.

16. I have turned 18 today, Everyone, wish me a happy birthday.


© fattymcgee1972 / Reddit

17. “Not many farm cats live to be 18, but Carrot is among the lucky few!”

© lightsabert00thtiger / Reddit

18. He is excited for about 11th birthday.


© Suppressiveperson69 / Reddit

19. “We’ve lost count, but this cat must be over 20 years old. She’s always been a bit wayward, but she used to purr whenever I’d pet her as a child.”

© Mumlarn / Reddit

20. “I can’t run or jump, but I can give you kisses and cuddles. I can’t hear well, but I’ll wag my tail whenever I see you. I may look old, but in my heart, I will always be a puppy!’


© jhang10 / Reddit

We hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to mention your favorite ones in the comment section down below. Do you own an elderly pet or wish to own one? Comment down to share your thoughts with us.


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