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50 Cats Who Hilariously Photobombed Purrfect Shots & Made Them Even Better

Showing off is in a cat’s nature.

There is a reason catwalk was named after cats. Have you ever really paid attention to how a cat struts their stuff when they leap from one place to another? Cats are inherently graceful creatures and many love to have their picture taken. After all how else will the rest of the world fawn over their perfect beauty?


However, as it turns out they also love to ruin other people’s pictures by photobombing them. It seems like they are the friend who always jumps in at the last moment to ruin an otherwise perfectly shot picture. The people taking the photographs might think that these turned out to be cat-astrophe but we think they are simply purrfect.

#1 The cat is quite cheeky.

“F*ck you with your love n’ sh*t!” -Lara-Andrea Beck

#2 You don’t see me.

Via Keamo

“I am the tiny terror that stalks the night… wait is it noon already?” -Virgil Blue

#3 Ambushed.


#4 Perfect wedding photo.


And this is how the cards were printed. -Hans

#5 Is that Goku?

Via thepunis

#6 Can I be in the picture?

Via Slash3040

“Oh hi beautiful, what are you up to tonight?” -Lara-Andrea Beck

#7 When you’re tired of yoga.

Via reganwarner

#8 This cat is having fun.

Via RoccoRocco

#9 The flying cat.

Via tryanotherday

SUPER cat on the move where did he come from, where is he going , who knows only the cat knows. -Gillian Black

#10 The focus of this is great.

Via linkinstreet

#11 She shouldn’t have done that.

Via kenderpl

The last photo taken of that poor woman. -Hans

#12 Smelly armpits.

Via NormaHollywood

#13 The cat should have had the ‘talk’.

“Nothing to see here” This meme is actually a classic. -Daria B

#14 He should have looked behind.


Photobombing you say? Assassinating I see! -Hans

#15 He forgot the other one.

Via shazper

#16 I’m assuming she doesn’t like fruit.

Via Kayley997

Now this must be food photobombing a cat shot. -Hans

#17 My mug!

Via jatan194

#18 Assassination mode activated!

Via kvasimodo

#19 The end is nigh.

Via _emmaburton

And then the murder began… -Lara-Andrea Beck

#20 The kitty knows whats up.


What do you mean I’m in the way?! -Nancy Arnold

#21 Smile for the camera.

Via DaveyFoSho

#22 The frontman does not look impressed.

Via Niseione

“He is not doing that face again, is he?” -Hans

#23 Hello!

Via thatswhatyourmomsaid

#24 The cat is not happy with the hair.

This cat is angry about your odd selfie antics. -Hans

#25 Which one is photobombing here?

#26 An illusion and photobomb in one picture.

Via arbitrary_aardvark

Yeah, that was a nice vase, wasn’t it? -John L

#27 Let the cat out will ya?


Help I’m stuck inside, and I can’t get out… -Meowoui

#28 A two-headed cat.

Via BooTheServal

Stay out kevin, i don’t want people to think that i am mutant. -Minh Nguyen

#29 This tree will not last long.


#30 In a pickle.

Via Konradkc

No photobomb, just kitten ninja training. -Spinaap

#31 Put your hands up!

Via BootyPoppinPanda

All the single ladies, all the single ladies… -Lara-Andrea Beck

#32 The face says it all.

Via Taryness

“Does my butt smell funny to you? Here, smell and tell me!” -troufaki13

#33 Is that a head for jumping I see?

#34 She is scared by the pumpkin.

Via winter_storm

What a Puss In Boots face this one has! So cute! And the work on that pumpkin was well done! -JillVille Child Care

#35 I’d say run!


“He’s behind me isn’t he?” -Virgil Blue

#36 Focus only on me.

#37 The little floof has fear in his eyes.

Via justmeandsomefuzzbutts

You think you’re cute, don’t ya? Just wait until they have to go to the bathroom. -John L

#38 The kitty plays the guitar.

Via mrfeathers51

#39 ‘Why? Why would you do that?’

Via Goaliegeek

“God I hate it when he makes that stupid face!” -Lara Strawbridge

#40 The tail is quite floofy.

Via Thesoro

#41 He is not impressed.

Via Thesoro

Boy, I’m sure strong, I can hold her up longer than you can. -Meowoui

#42 That one friend.

#43 I’m coming for you!

Via JimboZona

#44 He is.


He’s making faces again isn’t he?! -Nancy Arnold

#45 ‘Nobody wants to see your face.’

Via superundie

#46 This is not recommended.

Via omTe

Getting ready to bite that butt. -cool sun

#47 The derp.

Via bajopants

“This is my cousin Bill, he used to live near the chemical plant.” -Rikard Fjellhaug

#48 Many terrors hide in the darkness.

Via imgur

#49 ‘I’m blending in with the walls.’

Say goodbye to that tree hooman. -boredhuman

#50 Both of them are certainly surprised.

So both of these subjects are in “awe” of something… but what? -JillVille Child Care

Do you have any pictures of your cats photobombing your pictures? If so why not share them in the comments below?


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