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20 Dogs That Don’t Care About Being “Normal” While Sleeping

Do you know how some of us humans are the most chaotic sleepers ever? Some of us do not realize how we turn on our bed at night until someone sleeping next to us tells us. We sleep in one room and wake up in a completely different part of our house. Some of us wake up in the strangest positions, with a messy bedsheet. Now we may think it only happens to us, but it actually is seen in animals too. It is usual for dogs to find themselves in the funniest positions ever. They may find it unsettling to sleep in normal sleeping positions too.


If there is anything cuter than dogs doing goofiest things, it is seeing them napping and sleeping in the weirdest positions they do not even realize they are in. To all the dog lovers and dog owners out there, if you are around your pets a lot, we are sure you must have seen your dogs in similar situations. Lucky for us, some dog owners managed to capture their dogs napping in the funniest ways and we have gathered all the pictures we found. These doggos do not even realize how cute they are being and how their goofiness makes our day!

Scroll down to check these doggos who do not care about being silly sleepers!

1.“This is Otis. Otis sleeps in my shoes.”

Via © JaceUpMySleeve / Reddit

Apparently, shoes are comfier than couches or blankets!

2. “My brother’s doggo sleeping in a chair the right way.”

Via © KitsuneRisu / Reddit

Finally, this armrest is put to use.

3. “He has like 50 beds but sleeps like this all the time.”

Via  © NannuhBannan / Reddit

I might be a cute sleeper, but I can also show teeth!

4. “The entire couch is open and she chooses to sleep like this.”

Via © tofuman911 / Reddit

This cushion has more fluff than the actual sofa.

5. “The many sleeping positions of Jane the Dane”

Via © Zalumar / Reddit

He was trying different positions to see which one is comfier. I guess there some things dogs have in common with humans!

6. “How else would you sleep?”

Via © gatspiderman / Reddit

The upside down kids from stranger things talk about!

7. Found the missing dalmation!

Via  © loganfholer / Reddit

8. “Found her sleeping like this as I left for work.”

Via © ChirpinFromTheBench / Reddit

He may be cute, but he sleeps scary!

9. I call this a stretchy sleeper

Via © klade71 / Reddit

10. Comfiest doggo under covers!

Via  © Iiwii23 / Reddit

We cannot get enough of these precious doggos! Seeing some of these babies sleeping on their backs with their tummys out, it reminded us of an interesting fact about dogs. If dogs easily expose their tummys and do not shy away from it, it shows they are very comfortable around you. That is considered to be their most protected area and they do not usually like it someone touching it. It also reflects that they are feeling fuzzy and comfy in their position, so the best thing to do is to caress them on their belly. So whenever your dog is sleeping with their tummy-up, it is a sign they like being around you!

11. A little tongue out to show who’s the cutest!

Via  © KABOOMSWHOO08 / Reddit


12. “He was so fast asleep, he didn’t even respond to his 2 favorite words: ’walk’ and ’cookie.’”

Via © jasl2743 / Reddit

Cuddly sleepers! We all know that dogs are loving and affectionate animals. If you keep them, care for them and love them, they will return that love hundred times over. One way they show their love to you is by cuddling you! That is their way to bring warmth in the relationship and strenghten the bond they have with you.

13. “My patient at work fell asleep like this.”

Via  © serenak97 / Reddit

No couch needed, I just need the railing to sleep!

14. “My good boy falling asleep after a long day of fun.”

Via © moonmcguinness89 / Reddit

Long run, time to sleep!

15. “Somebody fell asleep in my arms.”

Via  © culpaa / Reddit

I sleep best in my daddy’s arms!

16. “Pet owner rule: If your pet is sleeping, don’t move…”

Via © culpaa / Reddit

Can’t come to work Boss, my dog is sleeping on my head!

17. “My deep sleeping pupper. The cheerio has been there for 3 minutes now. How long will it last? Stay tuned… 🐶”

Via © F-this / Reddit

Game idea; Stack lots of cheerios on this doggos tongue!

18. “I had a couch nap and woke up like this. I don’t even know how she snuck in.”

Via © General_Clank / Reddit

Sneaky sleeper. What’s the fun if you can’t snuggle with mommy?

19. “Rottie likes to sleep like this.”

Via © Feralogic / Reddit

20. This has to be the happiest sleeper ever! Look at the way the tongue is stuck out of his smile

Via © -andshewas- / Reddit

Just look at this puppy’s smile! He is not just smiling but also seems full of joy. His eyes cheeks are uplifted that is making his eyes squint. This has to be the cutest dog ever. It is known that if a dog smiles, it shows that they are happy and feeling super relaxed. His mom must be very caring and loving that made this doggo smile thid way. All our doggos deserve a loving and affectionate home.

Those were just the cutest pictures we have seen on the internet! Nothing it paralleled to adorable doggo pictures. This is easily the highlight of the day for any dog and animal lover. This is a call to all dog owners to send us pictures of their dogs doing silly and wholesome things. And if by any luck, you find them sleeping in such adorable ways, send us those pictures too. Share this with your fellow dog lovers to make their day.


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