50 Times Dogs Were Caught Being Derpy On Camera And Made Everyone Laugh

A subreddit “Animals Being Derps” celebrates the derpiest dogs.

If you’re a dog lover, you know that our furry friends can be quite silly and do some pretty bizarre things. And thanks to social media, we now have a place to celebrate these derpy moments. The online group “Animals Being Derps” is a community dedicated to sharing the derpiest dogs caught on camera. From sticking their tongues out to failing at catching a ball, these dogs are sure to make you laugh.

The subreddit has over 7 million members. The page was created in 2013  to share the love of funny and derpy animals. Since then, it has grown into a community where people can share their own photos and videos of their derpy dogs. The content on the page is purely for entertainment and it’s not just limited to dogs. There are plenty of other animals featured, including cats, birds, and even farm animals. But it’s the dogs that really steal the show. Some of the most popular posts include dogs with their heads stuck in things, dogs caught mid-sneeze and dogs doing silly dances. Today, we have compiled 50 photos from this subreddit  to show you the derpy side of these doggos. So, scroll down and enjoy.

1. “Darwin does a very good job finding drugs and posing for pictures!”

Via: Alfajorero

2. “When you don’t know what you’re doing but you want to help”


Via: Lotus_Stalker

3. “He hides every time we try to put his leash on to leave the dog park.”


Via: hypercyanate

Leave me free, I don’t want the leash on me.

4. ” The tongue hanging out is what gets me”


Via: southwoodhunter

He really loves his dog.

5. “Pit puppy’s first reaction to snow”


Via: TheDeflectorDish,

6. “I turned on the lights to my vanity, then went to the bathroom quickly to brush my teeth. This is the situation I returned to…”


Via: babydingus

He is sitting there, appreciating his natural beauty.

7. “Nola on our morning walk. I thought I’d take one of those cute pics of a happy dog run but i got this instead.”


Via: emlo4

8. “You would be at the park a lot sooner if I could have that back…”


Via: liwca

9. “My Puppy fell back asleep while getting out of his bed”


Via: yarntist

This is most of us while getting out of the bed for work.

10. “I’m trying to work but this guy is distracting me so hard”


Via: BilledSauce

That’s me trying to tease my partner while he is busy working on his laptop.

11. When you are too sleepy to reach your bed:

Via: tokendamian

12. “Met this goofball at my apartment complex”


Via: devgregw

13. “when you swear you weren’t raiding the closet but the evidence suggests otherwise”

Via: copperstateonthefly

He is literally wearing the evidence but still got the confidence to lie.

14. “Was looking for my pup during a thunderstorm”



Aww, this little guy was scared. Please, hug him.

15. Hello from the back:

Via: AzHistoryWitch

16. When your crush says your name:


Via: lccarter123

17. “House didn’t have an internal door to our side yard, so landlord built our dogs this”

Via: Ultronomy

18. “Earl the Grumpy Puppy.”


Via: kookilyflash

19. “Just a good boy trying to make some friends”

Via: westcoastcdn19

20. “My Dog Finally Noticed My New Fish”


Via: Hipaws

21. “Everytime I walk her, she turns around every few steps to flash this smile.”

Via: rutgersftw

22. “Labraderp “


Via: OldIronSides

23. If it fits, it sits:

Via: JohnZ117

24. He is obsessed with his new toy:


Via: chopstickemup

25. There is something so charming about this boi!

Via: chopstickemup

What makes “Animals Being Derps” such a popular group is its ability to bring joy to people’s lives. In a world where negativity and stress can often dominate our social media feeds, it is refreshing to have a place where you can just sit back, relax, and laugh at some silly dogs. It is also a reminder that animals are an important part of our lives and can bring us so much happiness.

But the group is not just about laughing at our furry friends. It is also a place where people can come together and share their love of animals. Members often share heartwarming stories about their own pets, and the group has even been known to come together to help animals in need.

26. “@eriszoi on instagram caught their dog forgetting to act like a dog”


Via: getting_through

27. “Of course he had to be in the picture”


Via: getting_through

28. “Her ball is broken but she still loves it. Sometimes, she’ll briefly wear it on her nose.”

Via: Pangolindrome

29. “He’s here to give a helping paw”


Via: Lotus_Stalker

30. “Our new ten week old puppy, Holly, from a distance I thought she had taken part in a violent massacre, on closer inspection it seems she just found the blackberries which she used as a rejuvenating facemask.”

Via: badassmamabear

31. “What kind of frog is this?”

Via: westcoastcdn19

32. “She barges in and stands like this until I chase her.”


Via: FrankiePupperz

33. “When Greg isn’t wearing a box on his head, he insists on being held after every work day”

Via: Blobert_E_Lee

34. “Woken up mid nap”

Via: Peircen20

35. “Majestic beach dogs”


Via: thatsonecookedgoose

36. “Just act casual”

Via: Sad_Slow_Sloth

37. “I love my dog, but there are days….”

Via: Odd_Improvement578

38. “I said sit. He backed up and sat like this.”


Via: Tallgirl129

39. “He fell asleep with his face in my boot”

Via: blueeyedleo22

He must have fainted after smelling your boots.

40. “My wife’s guide dog likes to get his nose stuck in his figure 8 toy. We help him get it off an 5 seconds later it’s stuck again. Trained since he was 4 months old and still, when the harness comes off the derp goes on.”

Via: slippybear

41. “I’m pet sitting. He’s obviously telling me there’s something I haven’t discovered yet…”


Via: moonchildsarah

42. “Meet Hobbes. He’s currently experiencing his first existential crisis.”

Via: dr_mudd

43. “When life hands you lemons, just eat the blinds.”

Via: PBR–Streetgang

44. “Just a pup and his branch”


Via: anonanoobiz

45. “Truly Majestic”

Via: BakedKimber-Lays

46. “For some reason he loves sitting like this.”

Via: The_Longest_Wave

47. “Successfully stole a chicken tender face”


Via: unclemoffy

48. “This is what our dog, Broccoli, does everytime hes told to go to his room for misbehaving”

Via: SadisticBuddhist

49. “am like hooman child (he didn’t want to leave the goose pond)”

Via: SubKreature

50. “Delicious hand”

Via: Vasite

Whether you are having a bad day or just need a good laugh, these photos are sure to put a smile on your face. So, next time your dog does something derpy, be sure to snap a photo or video and share it with the world. You never know, it might just make someone’s day.

The cat tax:

Via: Reddit

“We finally live in a house where we can let him out but this adorable little asshole attacks other cats on sight. Do we have to keep him in forever?”


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