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22 Dorky Animals Who Are Acting Weird To Get Your Attention

Animals love their humans’ attention and they live for it.

Animals are adorable beings and enjoy getting attention. They can go to any length to get your attention and we guess, it’s cute. They would act weird, happy and sad just to get your attention. If you are on your laptop, they would come and sit on your keypad, if you are on a zoom call, they would start yelling at you. They would come in front of you to block your view when you are driving so that all of your attention is on them and trust us it works. If you are a pet owner, you would probably relate to this. Today, we have compiled 22 photos of animals who are acting in weird ways to get your attention and it’s impossible that you do not notice them. So, scroll down and have fun!

1. Burger with curly fries, what else do you need, sir?

© xerozeroxero/reddit

“Bear in a dumpster holding a Dunkin cup”

2. In case you are wondering which animal is it? It’s a squirrel.


© Joevahskank/reddit

3. When you see your human swimming and instantly want to get in the pool:


© GregEnsom/imgur

4. “My cat is disabled and he sometimes likes to sit like that”


© LumixS/reddit

Cat: I am better at stretching than you all.

5. He wanted to bite his tail:


© GraveBreath/reddit

6. Meet Gizmo, she is just trying to drink water:


© scissorbritches/reddit

7. When your human is driving and you are missing his attention:


© freakinjeepin/reddit

“When you gotta be the center of attention.”

8. “When you don’t know what you’re doing but you want to help”


© Lotus_Stalker/reddit

This adorable doggo just wanted to help.

9. “Plant in toilet better, right?”


© Light_A_Match/reddit

Cat: Mom, I was just trying to sit in the planter and it fell down in the toilet. Isn’t it looking cute here?

10. “Mistakes have been made”


© ___zach_b/reddit

Doggo: Everyone, checkout my new skirt.

11. “Life hack: cool your bum off on a hot day by pressing it against the cold door.”

© _ThatSynGirl_/reddit

You need to learn some hacks from this doggo. Animals use different ways to get our attention and they end up making us laugh every time. Whenever you are bored, just stop paying attention to your pet and they will provide you with unlimited entertainment to get just one thing and that is your attention.

12. “When she’s begging for food/attention, she tries to roll on her back and look cute, but today she didn’t quite pull it off.”


© Tattoly83/reddit

When you are too tired to ask for food.

13. When you are fighting with your siblings and get caught:

© xella64/reddit

14. When you are bored in the traffic jam:


© ElPedroni/reddit

15. “saw this little guy stealing the fluff from someones bike seat”

© c*k_shed_lord_69/reddit

Is he planning to build a nest?

16. When you are in the middle of your zoom meeting and he starts yelling at you:


© hellohexapus/reddit

17. “She does this all day while we’re at work. It’s her favorite spot in the house.”

© DavidHasselhoof/reddit

Doggo: I am sleeping behind the window until my parents come back home.

18. “Ilama wouldn’t let me close the window at my Airbnb so we did this for a while”


© ImTheSnorseOfCourse/reddit

When you are on a tour and a stranger comes by your window to say “hi”.

19. “We have discovered our cat has stolen men’s underpants and socks from a neighbor.”

© benji/reddit

Please contact if you are missing underpants and socks.

20. When your mama can’t leave you alone so you go to the bathroom with your mama:


© MeanShare/reddit

21. When your cat does not want you to leave for work:

© iikagenniotonashikukirareyagare/imgur

22. When your cat is not interested to eat from the container:


© MrStabbers/reddit

We hope you enjoyed browsing through these animal photos. Tell us in the comments section which of these animals made you laugh.


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