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17 Animal Posts Delivering The Right Amount Of Positivity We Need In Our Lives

Animals are the only wholesome content on the internet these days. Full of positivity and good vibes!

The world has become such a negative place. Wherever you go; browse through social media, turn on the TV or look out in the world, there is just so much negativity. Bad news, accidents, fights and hatred. Sometimes all of this exhausts us. Then where do we go for entertainment? Who do we turn to for happiness and positivity? If you are someone who is going through this, we have the perfect solution for you and it is animals. Yes, animals are full of positivity and they can make anyone’s mood better. Today, we have 17 animal videos and photos that are ready to deliver the right amount of positivity you need in your life. Positivity is just a paw away, so what are you waiting for? Scroll down.


1. “How it started vs how its going”

Via u/bape_x_anime

2. “This is Sisu, a stray dog who broke into a Dollar General 5 times to steal this purple unicorn. When Animal Control got there the officer bought it for him.”


Via u/baizybub

What a sweet officer!

3. “Curious young arctic fox checking out a nature photographer”

Via u/vanHarten

4. Baby possum resting on hands.

Via u/Lumpy_Instruction_21

5. “Huge Alaskan Malamute”

Via u/Remote_Willow3211

6. “Working on that summer body”

Via u/CAP_X

She is doing crunches better than most of us. What a shame!

7. When you are photographing them and they fall in love with you:

Via u/Hf8uz

Animals are so innocent. They long for love and affection. Whenever they see a human around, they run to them and try to get love from them. Just look at these owls running towards the wild life photographer to get some hugs, some love or head pats. Seeing a fox check the wild life photographer’s camera or a doggo asking for a stuffed toy or watching a cat doing crunches. Is not it enough positivity?

8. Baby hippos having fun with water.

Via u/koalamiki10

9. Our mood for the weekend:

Via u/Solar_babe

10. She is not their mother. Still providing them the love and warmth that they need.

Via u/Lumpy_Instruction_21

11. Caracal kittens doing their best bird calls”

Via u/Drown_In_The_Void

12. When you think it’s your new toy but it’s not for you:


Via u/Metalloid_Emon

13. Have you ever seen a cute, little cow?


Via u/Educational_Mud9987

14. “I can be your angel / or your devil”


Via u/LadyNuit00

15. “Baby Black-Banded owl. We call her the humbug”


Via u/LawzenRainbow

16. Valentino loves going for walks.


Via u/thgrt0

17. This raccoon looks so cool in his coat:


Via u/Zack-_

We hope you really enjoyed this post and got enough positivity from these sweet animals. If you ever feel the need for more positivity, we are right here. Just comment down below and we will be back with another collection of positivity and cute animals.


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