Employee Applies For Her Same Job After Her Employer Lists It With Much Higher Salary

When her employer posted the position but stated the salary range as being anywhere from $32,000 to $90,000 greater than what she was receiving, a tech worker went viral on Twitter when she said she was applying for a job identical to her own within the same company. UX writer Kimberly Nguyen later blew up the company’s entire compensation policy and might have lost her job altogether for raising concerns about pay transparency and how their current employees were being handled.

Nguyen, a Vietnamese-American woman, is susceptible to falling victim to America’s famed pay gap issue, in which people of color are paid around 16 percent less than white people and women are paid about 24 percent less than men. As a result, disparities in pay for women of color have persisted for years.


The attempts made by employers to prevent their employees from discussing their pay rates with one another, despite the fact that doing so is technically unlawful in the U.S., contribute to the fact that this issue hasn’t improved. In fact, it’s possible that Nguyen just learned that she was being paid less than a future new mystery UX writer because of new laws requiring compensation disclosure in New York, where she lives.


As she applied for the new position, it appears that the employer continued to treat her unfairly, recording her experience over time.


She was so offended that she forwarded the job posting to her coworkers, which prompted a meeting at work where her fellow tech writers began to become enraged over salary, especially after one of the higher-ups had the arrogance to assert that “pay parity” doesn’t exist. One participant expressed dissatisfaction with the “pay range” phenomenon, which is becoming increasingly prevalent in job advertisements, and remarked that no one was earning anything even remotely close to the bottom end of the range listed for these new roles.


Up until Nguyen “officially” declared that she was seeking a true new job, this time with a different firm that will hopefully treat her better, this seems to have devolved into threats of layoffs rather than increasing anyone’s wages. It appears that her perhaps previous superiors are upset over the now-viral Twitter discussion. Many people on Twitter expressed sympathy for her situation and outright fury on her behalf. People are tired of being regarded as disposable by their bosses, and Nguyen is by no means the only one who has been underpaid and suffered punishment when she complained. And to carry out this action so soon after International Women’s Day? The brazenness is excessive.

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