Employee Stands Up For Themselves After Boss Gives Them Lazy Coworker’s Projects

It is exhausting enough to complete your own work without having to also complete that of a coworker. The unfortunate truth is that you’ll frequently find yourself needing to compensate for your coworker’s tardiness; hey, those group projects in school must have taught us something, right Realizing that most managers will be reluctant to take action is another regrettable fact. Even if they claim to be investigating it, you can expect that a sloth will act more urgently and move more quickly. No, you’ll have to take matters into your own hands, just as the writer in this article did when she got tired of filling in for the incredibly obstinate photographer at her company.

Even while it may seem unlikely, people who are thus ineffective nevertheless hold down jobs on a regular basis. Hanlon’s and Occam’s Razors would lead us to conclude that the bosses are simply glad to be receiving their salaries and they could care less how things get done; just as long as the work is getting done. It may be nepotism or she could be sleeping with one of the bosses. Have you ever encountered something similar? Please tell us in the comments.

Here’s how the story starts…

OP tells about Lola who is a great photographer and a graphic designer

Lola’s details are shared here by OP

Fast forward to recent days…

One day, OP had a photo assignment which could be done better by Lola

Lola asks for OP’s permission to use photos a year prior

OP requested her to use what OP produced

Lola pointed out many wrong things about OP’s work and the reason why she couldn’t use it


OP sent two emails; to Lola and the boss


OP  wanted to protect himself


All of the incident was a great toll on OP’s mental health

Lola was unkind all the way


No one noticed that OP was absent before

Everyone ignored the situation till Friday…


OP talked about the issue with one of the bosses

He further described the details…


Lola didn’t realize her behavior

Now OP is working hard and waiting for Lola

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