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Employees Team Up To Get Toxic Boss Fired

They reached a breaking point when this bad manager pushed their workers too far. Together, they came to the conclusion that it was time to kill him. They, therefore, began implementing their plan while singing “Goodbye Earl” in the office. Redditor u/AradBBC created this topic on Reddit’s r/ProRevenge subreddit, sharing their experience under the thread title “Be nasty to staff, say bye-bye to your career.” In the comments, they provided a brief update on the story.


1. The boss was very rude and condescending, everyone in the office hated him. Thos story started when all coworkers united to fire him after he told OP to work on the day of his sister’s birthday 

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2. OP and his colleagues trapped the abusive boss by planning and it worked, when the boss reacted to it, they filmed him so that later he could be made to resign

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3. All the employees decided to send an email collectively to the whole company including CEO

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4. As everything was explained in the email, the HR investigated it and the boss got infuriated, the employees uttered a sigh of relief as he was going 

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5. Here’s an edit

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6. This is hilarious 

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7. Here we have a similar story

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8. It’s true that the senior guys are always doucheba**

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9. It was really a cooperative move, team work made it possible!

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10. I wish people could be more kind

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11. This is an interesting story, you all must give it a read

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12. I am wondering how difficult it must be for him

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13. That’s very sad

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14. This is the way

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15. Speeches 

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16. Hahaha

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