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Entitled People With Their Childish Demands

Most people have a genuine idea of how to talk to strangers and not waste others’ time or their own.

But sometimes, we see that few entitled people have a ridiculous audacity to ignore all the social norms and live in their own fantasy world. We’re not sure if it actually gets them anything or not but it seems like no matter the hurdles in their way, they keep up with their troublesome stipulations and demands. These kinds of people are such a pain that we can’t help but notice them and even pinpoint them from afar because of the aura of negative energy that they radiate.


I mean, there are people out there who want free stuff, want professionals to work for free, and being really rude about it as well which is annoying as hell. While some of us will second guess before demanding anything for free, there’s a whole lot of people who will be pretty bold about it which sends our blood vessels to flames. They are the kind of people who hate to do things on their own and always need free financial or emotional support from others in one form or another. They will roast your skin by talking mad trash and even have the ability to upset you in the longer run.

Given below is a list of these kinds of people who exhibit no self-reflection before opening their mouths for the better. Let’s proceed.

1. This woman brought her own bell!

Via GreatBallz

Some people might even consider this funny, but to us, this is downright annoying.

2. To the neighbor next door!

Via hiya555

Now there’s this man whose neighbor will let out his child out in the garden whenever the weather is nice. This ”disturbs” the writer of this letter in which he threatens to call the police if that behavior is not corrected. Talk about the audacity!

3. Negotiation land? No.

Via SV01SeeU

Why you wasting everybody’s time?!

4. I will “train” you.

Via Vittoria68

Now, this guy wants to get some articles translated for his own good while he agrees to throw some basic level advice at people who will help him do that. LOL. No thank you, sir, please have some decency to realize that things cost money!

5. Free artwork maybe?

Via wtfmanuatemyjelly

You should go to them then! Why you wasting this person’s time?!

6. King with a dot

Via gwatt21

Yeah, I’d rather hang it in my own bedroom.

7. Cat sitter needed or not?

Via pikakim

Backing away from your own words now, Karen?!

Some people will not only irritate you but take you to the point where your blood starts to boil after talking to them. Such people are so painful to us and they drain us of our energy and happy vibes. Even going through this list makes my heartstrings ache with anger.

8. Plastic toy computer!

Via  Plant_lover2321

Now this “negotiator” wants a $1000 computer for $25. He is rightly advised by the seller to get a toy computer. Definitely serves him right.

9. Brisket with an entire leaf!

Via glen107wood

Educate yourselves, please!

10. “Ma’am, you’re in Shanghai China”

Via HP2806

So this woman wanted to be spoken to in her native language in a foreign country and when that didn’t happen, she started yelling. How entitled or, well, we don’t even want to say that word, do you have to be to get to this level?

11. Bill bound!

Via maque-choux-chef

12. Want a new hairstyle?


You want to practice… and you wanna get paid for that?! What?

13. Rat with good manners

Via KeepItDownOverHere

I mean… we should give away all our stuff for free if this is the case.

14. I’ll insult you first and then expect you to do my work!

Via BuyMeLotsOfDiamonds

Love the heart touch!

15. “Life in the sun”

Via Yadynnus

You can complain.. to the maker of the world?!

All in all, these kinds of people annoy the hell out of us. We still find it surprising that even with the everso growing rate of literacy, things like this still happen from time to time. If only people realize that they are dealing with humans! Have you ever experienced such people? Share your experience in the comments and let us know the struggles you’ve been caused by such a variety of humans.


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