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40 Extra Cute Dogs That Look Even Cuter With Extra Skin

Everyone has some extra skin.

Especially if someone has lost a lot of weight, there might be a lot of excess skin left from their past that is hard to get rid of. However, dogs are the same as humans even though we treat them like our family. The excess skin they have is not because of the lack of fat in that area. A dog’s skin is simply more stretchy than a human and there is nothing wrong with that. Some people may not prefer a dog that has a lot of skin hanging off its muscles, but I think they look adorable.


Now before we get into this, let me assure you that none of these dogs is in pain and that the people aren’t stretching their skin forcefully. It is just a bit of harmless fun that doesn’t hurt the dog in question. While not all dogs have this amount of extra skin, some do. But I wouldn’t recommend that you go around playing with every dog you find like this. Some dogs may actually get hurt because of this. So always be careful. 

Now that the warning is out of the way. You can take a look at some incredibly adorable doggos by scrolling below.

#1 It may not look like it but there is a 3 months difference between these two pictures.

Via Courtney Jones

#2 Just look at how happy Jackson is!

Via strawhat_harris

#3 This is like the marshmallow challenge for a dog.

Via myotherusernameisbetter_

#4 I really want to cuddle with this puppy.

Via bearcoat_tonkey

#5 He is way too excited by this.

Via aylaalyssa_

#6 An old but beautiful dog.

Via myotherusernameisbetter

#7 When you are feeling sad and force yourself to smile.

Via hoohoo_thebully

#8 This is clearly his superpower.

Via hoppi

#9 Such a beautiful pattern.

Via Johannesdl

#10 Going to need some kneading here.

Via dylanwelsh86

#11 Those jowls sure are stretchy.

Via mr.hankthehound

#12 Can he even see through all the skin?

Via reggie_thepig,reggie_thepig

#13 My heart can’t handle any more cuteness.

Via frank_fromthehood

#14 This one is not too happy with the turn of events.

Via mollythepocketpuggle

#15 Are we sure this isn’t a teddy bear?

Via iBovata

#16 Smile for the camera!

Via mavely._.bella

#17 After you lose a lot of weight.

Via skettiosandgoobers

#18 I just want to pinch his cheeks.


#19 He can probably fly with the extra skin he has.

Via harryq15

#20 A gorgeous photo.

Via danielthegoldie

The reason some dogs have a lot of excess skin is either because they lost weight or some breeds just naturally have extra skin for hunting purposes. However, if your dog has a lot of folds, it is paramount that you wash them regularly between the skin. If you don’t, there is a high chance the dirt will cause an infection between the skin. So while it looks adorable, people have to be careful enough to take care of their dogs properly.

#21 This floor is adorable.

Via mojiakira,mojiakira

#22 This pupper is quite squishy, to say the least.

Via fhosalay

#23 That is one ecstatic doggo!

Via dominicthepit

#24 Dorothy just wants to take a nap from the looks of it.

Via mareacuda

#25 ‘Do you enjoy this, hooman?’

Via carmenabernethy

#26 He can’t even take care of his drool.

Via hankandsasha

#27 That smirk is everything.

Via thedailyfritz

#28 When you want more treats.

Via boethebearcoat

#29 He wants to touch his skin with his tongue.

Via hali_fax

#30 He is grinning with delight.

Via muttadventures

#31 ‘Do you have to do this every time, hooman?’

Via chiefthemastiff

#32 No need to wake up.

Via fhosalay

#33 Where can I find this puppy?

Via loopdeloops

#34 ‘Do I look beautiful yet?’

Via watsonthewondermutt

#35 This dog has a knowing look on his face.

Via conroedoper

#36 The dough is perfect for pizza now.

Via goodboypacino

#37 This pupper is hidden behind all of his extra skin.

Via louiewiththetongue

Almost three years ago I went from 31 pounds to about 20 pounds. I lost about 1/3 of my body weight. I have sooo much extra skin! I guess what I technically need is a pug tummy tuck, but that’s okay- my extra skin makes me extra cuddly!

#38 ‘Please don’t touch me, I feel insecure.’

Via AustinXC

#39 When you’re cuddly and you know it.

Via caseyfitz26

#40 Last but not least, this adorable boy.

Via beingbarley

Does your doggo have a lot of extra skin? Was it because of the weight they lost? Or did they always have it? Let us know in the comments below.


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