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Fiance Gets Pissed Off At Her Husband For Wanting To Invite His Ex To The Wedding

Inviting your ex to your wedding can be a double-edged sword.

Not only can it send the wrong sort of signals to your current partner but also ruin a special day that is usually about the soon-to-be married couple. I am not saying you always have to have an antagonistic relationship with your ex as the break-up can be mutual. And many times people have ended up best of friends after ending a relationship where they realized it just wasn’t going to work out. However, that isn’t something you flaunt in front of your current significant other.

Now I am also well aware that jealousy is not a healthy thing either and if you really trust your partner, an old ex who happens to be the girlfriend of his best friend won’t be a big deal to you. All in all it depends upon the person and shouldn’t be a big deal. However, this couple has overdramatized the situation and thus ended up in a fight over a person who is not even in his life anymore. You can read the whole twisty turny story for yourself by scrolling below and taking a look.

Source: Reddit

You never usually hear about the amicable break-ups in these sorts of stories, so it is pleasant change of pace.

Wouldn’t she understand why they don’t want her there?


I can understand the bride-to-be’s point of view as well but it really isn’t as big a deal.


He shouldn’t give you an ultimatum like this when he understands the reasoning behind this request.


That is exactly what this is. Petty.


They need to grow up and learn to deal with this situation.


The friend is also in the wrong here for forcing his hand soemwhat.


She is also being difficult to say the least.


There is no indicator that he has any sort of feelings towards the girl so there shouldn’t be a problem.


OMG I’m reading this comments feeling so bad for OP. All of you that say is just because they were together, are you that insecure? People cannot date, break up and still be friends? That happened years ago, they don’t even really talk, and OP’s wife’s jealousy and insecurity should win??? Why is that???

OP is WITH HER, wanting to MARRY HER, that’s what should matter, that they are happy in their relationship, if wife is insecure or jealous or whatever she needs to talk about it and maybe go to therapy, not avoid what she doesn’t like, so she doesn’t have to face her own ugly feelings.

And no, the friend shouldn’t have to exclude his girlfriend when she hasn’t done a single bad thing, she’s his +1 and that’s absolutely normal and fine, because adults can talk about things, mature and be friends even if they were together but weren’t meant for each other.

Come on. –AkumuNightmare

That is actually quite weird. Why would she want to go to her ex’s wedding?


That is true, but they have both moved on with their lives.

He should try to explain it better to his friend rather than fighting with his partner.


If he was his best friend, he would be the best man, no?

Yeah, I feel like this thread at least is trending really young. This is one of those things that is a massive deal when you’re younger, but as you get older and everyone has more history and baggage, it’s just… not?

I mean, if the fiancée isn’t comfortable with it, tough luck OP because it’s her wedding, too, Her feelings are valid, even if they are coming from a pretty immature place. There was a time I’d have had a similar knee-jerk jealous emotional response, too, when I was close to 20 than 40, but now, I’d probably get that initial feeling and then get over it. –politicalstuff

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