Firemen Revive A Cat By Using A Special Pet Oxygen Mask

It is not possible to sit and do nothing while a cat dies away.

Cats have done so much for us ever since the day they put their first paw print on our planet. They have been praised as Gods in the Egyptian culture, they have been taken care of like little babies as seen in the paintings made during the Renaissance period, they were spotted chilling in active naval ships during the Second World War, and they decided to domesticate themselves and didn’t wait for anyone to adopt them, and then after living through all that heavy-duty and story-worthy past, they now help us humans survive with their amazing personality, comedy, entertainment, care, and unlimited love. Once you give a cat love it never takes it for granted and returns ten times more of it. Cats are just never meant to be ignored, I would consider it an unforgivable crime if we don’t be there for them when they have always been there for us.

Speaking of being there for cats, The New Orleans Fire Department was on duty to put out the fire in a residential building. During this event, the firemen an orange tabby laying unconscious in a hallway nearby.

This little baby was found left with very little life left in it. Its two siblings managed to escape the fire safely bus this one gave up shortly after getting out of the house.

Cat wearing oxygen mask

Thank God for the high level of increase in awareness towards pet safety, the firework staff had an oxygen mask that was specially designed for pets to comfortably wear. It does look like an alien head if I am being honest but it is really helpful and it did wonders for the tabby.

The firemen put the cat on the special oxygen mask and the cat gained consciousness within minutes.


The mask is put on top of the animal’s head. On the top of it, you attach a pipe that goes straight into the oxygen cylinder. And then there are two huge vents that make it an easy environment for the animal.

This is what the special oxygen mask for pets looks like.


One of the firemen Doug Cardinale laughed how the cat after being revived now has 8 more lives to happily spend.


I am extremely glad for this initiative and the fact that these oxygen masks come in different sizes makes them a real success and usable for all animals. This thing saved a cat. And I really commend the firemen’s efforts for not giving up on the feline. It is that comment that matters quite a lot and we saw that in these superheroes. And I am pretty sure the cat saw it too.

Here are a couple of images of the special oxygen mask being used to help other pets:

No matter if you are a little feline…


…or a big pooch…


…there is an oxygen mask for all of them.


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Stay tuned for more cat stories! Happy 8 lives to the tabby.


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