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People Reveal Their Funniest Hookup Stories That Sum Up Online Dating Hilariously

The concept of first-time hookup is overrated, it isn’t always as good as a person imagines. Not everybody becomes instantly comfortable enough to be that intimate, however, the hormones often take over the mind and people just go for it. Sometimes the experience turns out to be better than how people had expected it to be, at other times it’s pretty awkward. Whatsoever the case is, your group of friends would be dying to know what exactly happened and how did it go.

Here is a Twitter thread that was started by a Twitter user who thought of letting out her hook-up story to her virtual friends and summoned them to share their stories too. In no time people started flooding the thread with their funniest stories. The creepiest part was that the author saw the lead guy of her story, the very next of starting this thread! How crazy is that? If you have had an awkward hook-up in your life and you feel embarrassed thinking about it, then you my friend need to go through this thread!

1. When the determination is real

via Coll3enG

2. Too good to be true

via Coll3enG

3. Mama’s boy

via unrealizzztic

4. You’d wish people don’t lie on their tinder profiles as much as you do

via Noonewasinjured

5. Worst case scenario

via talkalot_360

6. I hope he didn’t ask you to come to the funeral with him

via anthrobooty

7. Food before the mood

via 3215wilson

8. Seems like someone else was in the mood too

via twikipedium

9. Couldn’t survive the bull ride

via itsnotmorgen

10. Someone found that sexy and started dating you

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Sex isn’t always great, it can be messy and embarrassing, you just have to accept the fact that random hookups aren’t as good as you’ve seen in the movies. You just can’t simply skip to the good parts, you essentially have to go through every detail whether you like it or not because this is REAL life. These sessions can also be funny especially if it’s the first time with somebody you haven’t met before, it takes time to get comfortable with someone. So if you have a hookup story that isn’t necessarily steamy, that’s actually normal.

Give the following stories a read and you’ll definitely feel lighter about the above-mentioned note!

11. He must have liked the energy!

via error303

12. Ouch, that sounds awful!

via xsamejimax

13. He needs to do some serious time management, or he is never getting over his ex

via maddylanier

14. Lessons were learned

via maybeeasian

15. Let’s hope the previous time wasn’t more awkward than this one

via nonewfriends4me

16. He probably forgot to remove that one from the list.

via Hails2299

17. That’s ….weird?

via Coll3enG

18. You should have rolled him in the same sheets, girl

via rightupyouralii

Everyone might have at least one funniest sexual encounter on their list, which they wished had not happened. Just like the stories above, your story might not sound so funny to yourself but it could be downright hilarious! We all are humans and not everything can live up to our expectations, sexual encounters could take the wrong turn and it’s totally normal. After going through these encounters, you might feel better sharing yours. So what’s your story, we wouldn’t judge I promise!


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