Woman Asks Internet If She Should Keep The Baby Her Boss Got Her Pregnant With

Our actionsno matter how small or bighave consequences that eventually we have to deal with.

There isn’t anything more noble than owning up to your mistakes and taking full responsibilities for your actions. Anyone who understands this knows the key to life. Sadly, not many people are willing to accept this even after having complete understanding of what’s right and wrong.


Reddit’s “Am I The As*hole?” is a place where people confess about different things and ask the Redditors for their opinion. Recently, a woman asked Reddit if she was wrong for wanting to keep the child her married boss got her pregnant with. However, it’s not as simple as that.

The following is how she described the whole situation. Scroll down and read:

She was unaware of the fact that her boss was married and had children of his own.

Though clearly the boss brought this upon himself by hiding the truth, here’s what the Redditors had to say:

That makes proper sense. She didn’t force him into doing anything.


If it was such a serious thing for him, he shouldn’t have slept with her in the first place.




That was the only way to be 100% sure. If anything, the boss ruined his own life.


We hope that it all works out in her favor.


So, according to Reddit she’s not the as*hole for wanting to keep her OWN child. Also, if we think about it, it makes perfect sense (given that the boss slept with her willingly).

What do you guys think? Who is on the right here? Let us know in the comments below.


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