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21 Wholesome Examples Of Doggos Being Best Goodest Boys

We all know that dogs are the best. C’mon now, don’t be oblivious about it. Deep down in your hearts you know that’s right. We mean is there anything they can’t do? They play almost 24/7, would eat all the time, love and cuddle you, would follow you around…isn’t this enough? It is definitely more than what we deserve. Dogs are the purest animals to walk on this planet and we feel like they deserve some appreciation for that. These fluffy cuties don’t even need a minute to brighten your day. One look is all it takes for the sun to shine bright, soft wind to blow, kisses and cuddles to begin. Doesn’t that sound too exciting? We bet it does.

To all those agreeing that dogs are the cutest, you guys are gems. But those who still don’t know yet, we’ve got some convincing to do here. But that won’t take a lot of your time. Within minutes you’d be swooned by these doggos and their adorable little selves. Yes, that is how dog magic works.

We’ve gathered some of the cutest and funniest dog moments for you guys to see why they are the best. Scroll below. Right. Now!

1. Little steps for a little guy…


Hopping around, having the time of our lives.

2. ‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’

via Twitter

Accidents that are too cute. 

3. “If she goes outside we shut the door and she hates it. So she keeps her butt inside to prevent this while she birdwatches.”

via GardenerInAWar

Don’t work hard. Work smart.

4. The little things these puppies want from us…

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That smile is to die for!

5. “All done playing! Can we come in now?”

via Instagram

The little one straight up looking like a grizzly bear. Yessss, come in. 

6. Dogs can go crazy…

With the bibbity bobbity and the zoobity boing boing objects.

7. On a scale from 1-10, how clingy is your dog?

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Girlfriend!‘ -This man. Ahhh, totally understandable.

8. “That’s what you get for sitting in my spot.”

via Tumblr

The smushed face doggo seems to have no issue.

9. The road to recovery is going to be ruff.

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‘That would be two treats, please’.

10. “It’s not that hard, friend. See?”

‘Iz do right?’. And that is when the dog broke itself.

Oh my god! What is going on in here? We feel like these dogs are getting extra cuter. Or maybe we’re falling deeper in love. Hehe. Nonetheless, we’re pretty paw-sitive you’re enjoying these dog moments as much as we are. Lucky for you, we’re not done yet. Soooo how ‘bout we keep scrolling? Yeah. Good idea.

11. She said Cheese. I said Yes please.

The best way to eat cheese. Learn from this dog.

12. Kids: ‘Dad, there’s a big fish out of the water. We must help it’. The fish who doesn’t want to be helped:

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This fish has got furrrr.

13. Somebody once told a chemistry joke. And there was no reaction…

Via Instagram

Even we don’t understand chemistry.

14. ‘I iz da captain of ur cruise ship. Prepares for bumpy ride’

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‘Tommy Cruise iz ridinggggg’

15. You know it’s your younger sibling who gets the bigger bed. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

via Reddit

And you just compromise because that’s what you’ve been doing all life.

16. “But I’m not tired…”


How we all be feelin’ during online classes…Sometimes, it’s tougher than others.

17. “Ozzie got put in time out, he hasn’t stopped looking at me like this for the past 8 minutes…”

via he_Real_Snow_White via Reddit

Ooooooo damn. He’ll get back to you after that..

18. “The way my pup asks for pets”

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Why does he have to ask for it? WHY AREN’T YOU GIVING ANY IN THE FIRST PLACE?!!

19. “Enough internet! I require cuddles!”

Sometimes you gotta take matters into your own hands.

20. This dog can be unpredictable at times…

via Reddit

We’re gonna leave it there…

21. “Top pic is my favorite photo of my dog. Attempted to recreate it one year later. It went well.”

via DukeOfCheddar via Reddit

When things change for the gotta keep calm

That was crazy. We’ve got these big heart eyes looking at these babies. These furry buddies are nothing less than adorable. They definitely know how to win hearts. Just like they did yours. We’d like to let you in on a secret, There’s no going back! *evil laugh* But don’t freak out. You’re going to love it here and that’s a guarantee. What was your favorite dog moment and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

And while you’re at it, go ahead and share this with not only the dog lovers, but also those who claim to not like dogs. Let’s see if we can change their mind.


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