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Artist Creates Hilarious Comics That Show What If Birds Could Talk

What if birds could talk?

Have you ever thought about what they would say? Do you ever wonder why they poop on everything especially cars? What if they hate us underneath and only play nice sometimes to get food from us. Well, you have to wonder no more! Because one artist set out to do exactly what you think.


He wanted to show a world where birds could talk. And let me just say, it might not be what you had expected. However, I think it resembles very closely to what birds might actually think when they steal our food. This is what Jimmy had to say about his comics.

If you’ve ever wondered what our feathered friends might be saying, check out these comics by me. In this series, They Can Talk, I give you a funny perspective of what might be going on inside the heads of animals.

Jimmy Craig

#1 Now, That is just rude.

He looks so done with that person’s sh*t. -Link

#2 Damn, They are very chill parents.


When your friend’s mom lets them have two fruit roll-ups in their lunch. -RaggedRacoon

#3 Ah, I see even birds like The Shining.


He looks like he has no regrets. -Mary Rose Beeken

#4 The ‘joke’ wasn’t worth all the shouting before.


I was totally thinking about that one guy in every group!! I’m not sure if you should be proud or hide. -Ang.stl

#5 I’d rather not think about this one.


Eew. So chocolate eggs are… giant rabbit poo? -Natters

#6 This is too dark for me.


This one reminds me of the Far Side. -tuzdayschild

#7 The truth finally comes out.


I have been robbed by a seagull before … little thieves!! -Jo Bebe

#8 Upgrading or degrading?


#9 I think this little birdie is trying to be flirty.


So do doves, that’s why I think dove hunting is sad ….. -Jo Bebe

#10 Sure, that is totally the reason they stop.


I don’t think that’s how that works little guy. -TheNerdyOne

#11 Is she gonna pop the balloon?

The kid is not amused! -HANS

#12 Having your own place is awesome.


#13 Nobody must break tradition.

Like feather like son. -Mary Rose Beeken

#14 Those are words to live by.


But that’s ill eagle! -HANS

#15 I like to do that at the park as well.

It should be a kookaburra. Never see or hear them until you fall over and do something embarrassing. -Krumps

#16 But I see no cars so it’s going to take a long time.


#17 The bird is very angry at the human it seems.

For anyone who doesn’t get it he can’t see glass so he thinks he’s looking at a reflection of himself. -TheNerdyOne

#18 Oh yeah he is definitely thinking of ‘playing’ with you.


#19 Seagulls actually do that. I can attest to this.

#20 And what do you learn everyday?


Is it wise to eavesdrop on someone? -Ahnnah Newell

#21 At least it is better than no home.

“Just don’t talk any trash okay.” -Jo Bebe

#22 You won’t find it flattering when you’re on the thanksgiving table.


#23 I can relate to this.

#24 I think he is. Are you going to reciprocate?

I’m crying, that’s what i tell my hubby.”You are made by nature. You know i love you?” -m. b

#25 Humans can be pretty nice sometimes.

#26 You can find a lot of stuff laying around in the parking lot.

What do you think of these comics? Do you think these illustrations are accurate? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share it with your friends as well.


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