40 Pics That Reveal Most Hilarious Expressions Of Animals Who Are Having A Bad Day

Animals have crappy days too.

Bad days are universal. No specie on earth is exempted from the shittiness of a bad day. We all know that feeling when nothing goes right no matter how hard you try. So, you either sit there and let the crap hit you with all its intensity or you respond to that with some hilarious expressions. Same is the case with these animals who had bad days like all of us but unlike us their responses are much hilarious. It’s actually hilarious to imagine your fur buddies in situations like these. And even on their bad days, these sweethearts manage to make us laugh with their cute and candid expressions.


Scroll down to see some of the most hilarious expressions when animals faced a bad day.

#1 When your hooman eats while sitting next to you and you got nothing to eat.

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#2 You vs the guy she told you not to worry about.

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#3 This bear is being chased by a cat. Makes total sense.

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#4 This cat burnt its whiskers while smelling bacon on the stove lol.

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#5 Giving me head spins for real.

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#6 Cat got busted after the stash of bottle caps he was stealing was found while cleaning.

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#7 This chonk got stuck between the glass door and screen door. Bad day ultra pro max.

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Honestly, you can’t help but love these cute buddies. Although they don’t have that much problems in their lives, they still face problems and have bad days. All you need to do is to help them come out of the bad situation. Because they deserve all your love and support.

#8 “My Friend’s Cat Had Surgery And Now He Has No Pants”

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#9 This cat had its head stuck in a vase and now stuck with a permanent necklace.

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#10 When you ran yourself into a wall of snow.

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#11 “I hope no one was looking”

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#12 Sibling fight be like.

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#13 This is bad and hilarious at the same time.

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#14 Patiently waiting there for someone to help.

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#15 How did he went up there at first place?

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#16 He ate a bee.

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#17 “Mistakes Were Made. The Dog Got Into The Weed Cookies. Money Was Spent. Doggo Is Fine. Owner Feels Dumb”

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#18 When your hooman doesn’t share the food with you.

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#19 This little fool fell into a pit.

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#20 LMAO.


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#21 He needs some talking before he comes down.

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#22 Oreo played with charcoal and this is what happened.

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#23 “Heyy, I know I went away for months but let me in now”

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#24 Definition of bad day.

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#25 When you are excited to see the dog park but car doesn’t stop.

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#26 This goat needs a new trampoline.

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#27 This hamster fractured his bone.

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#28 “Look what those monster kids have done to me”

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#29 Idk what made him mad but he maddd bruh.

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#30 “A Memorial For The Squirrel That Ate Through A Wire That Canceled Classes For Two Days. It Was Paid For By The Undergrad Class”

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#31 “Halppppppp”

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#32 This tortoise is in trouble.

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#33 I want to know if that squirrel is fine.

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#34 Aww that made me sad.

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#35 When you use dye isntead of shampoo on your dog.

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#36 This bird got stuck in bathroom.

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#37 When your cat loves to bully.

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#38 A day out in the garden.

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#39 When you randomly check out your dogs and find them like this.

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#40 Who put him there?

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