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23 Brutally Hilarious Insults That The Receiver Couldn’t Survive

Accurate insults are the deadliest insults.

Everyone knows a thing or two about insulting. People insult when they are not in a good mood and those insults are all over the place, random, just bad words coming from the top of the head. And then there are some insults that are thought through, they do occur to the mind instantly but are then structured a bit to make them extremely specific and centered towards the receiver, and that makes the insult so much more harsh, brutal, and very hard to survive. Now the effects of a good insult are not just but they turn out to be very hilarious for the 3rd person who is listening or reading it. Just think about it, someone gets annihilated with an insult on Facebook and you happen to read it. I don’t think it would be possible to not laugh at it. But yes, the factor of Wow does also sweep you away.

Today, let’s allow the filters to go away so that we can enjoy some brutality that obliterated the person or situation that got insulted and will make the 3rd person laugh hysterically.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. He had no idea he was going to get sliced into small pieces like that, that day.

I swear these out of nowhere insults are the best ones. You go online, type something, and leave. And the receiver then never forgets that insult for life.

Via RealRaging_Fire

2. Less is more. This was more than more.


Via Jackhammer_YOUTUBE

3. Hah! Got em’. No one wants to have seks with you.


Via ZombieAlternative834

4. Find this man’s gym coach. He knows a formula where you can eat beef burgers and still maintain those abs.


Via Mesum

5. Why do they even bother posting when they know they will be crushed within hours.


Via illuminativeee

6. Oh my god I swear that is exactly what came to my mind when I saw that face.


Via Light_A_Match

7. So basically 10 levels below pathetic, that’s what they are trying to say.


Via PikaDERPed

8. Manipulation of words. They had even put an eye heart emoji. Poor guy!


Via B-L-O-C-K-S

9. I think this person needs rehab after that comment.

What happened that day, man. Did he default on a debt he got from the tattoo artist?


Via MyNeighbourBurrito

10. My guy out here trying to give legal advice randomly got called a Pixar character. I can’t with these people.


Via labalsa

11. Ladies and gentlemen, this person needs to be arrested for killing someone who was already dead.

I don’t think I have ever read a more fierce insult than this one. I am sweating a little with laughter.

Via QuentinCly

12. And I feel like he is not proud of it.


Via FqlconShock

13. You look at the eyes, and feel they are normal. Then you read the insult and look at the eyes again, you die laughing.

Via EdBasqueMaster

My, oh my! First of all, a big round of applause for these people. I really have no idea how did they come up with such fierce insults. Like, am was only to spread brutality with focused ass beating. And at the same time, these insults are extremely hilarious, as I said, for anyone who was not at the receiving end. I need to take lessons from these people but I don’t think they will be able to teach because such insults occur automatically, you only direct them a little to make them more brutal.

No, we are not done yet. Here are some more insults delivered only to annihilate the person insulted.

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14. Oof! I hope they never come across this wall. Ever. Watching yourself get insulted online is one thing, seeing it on a physical wall is a totally different thing.


Via PastyBapped

15. I think that settles it.

Via juuudo

16. Oh no, why the dog. Not even the dogs are safe from this brutality.


To be honest though, he does look like one of my dog drawings I made in grade 2.

Via thegrinninglemur

17. The f**king cheese wheel. I can’t!

Via papa_razz

18. She sounds like a medieval movie director who is working on an apocalyptic plot.


Via QuaggaSwagger

19. That finger can go places.

Tickle the brain…how do these people come up with such hilarity?

Via reddit

20. The meat has been roasted to perfection.


Via Emineministt

21. You are not supposed to say anything after such a roast. Just stay quiet or go to sleep or something.

Via Radiocureee

22. This insult was beyond insane.


Via l_ur_ker

23. The brutal ones are the most random ones.

Via LivingTheBoringLife

24. The person who was insulted got admitted to the hospital right away. They are still in the emergency unit after all that beating.


Via Ronjun

25. You cannot stay happy on the internet for long, someone from somewhere will come for you…or in this case, your toes.

Via SnooPies2712

Now how was that for a fierce insult session? I really hope you guys enjoying this one and the hysterics were at an all-time high.

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