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15 People Who Got The Exact Things They Wanted But Instantly Regretted After Getting Them

We all have that one thing that we have always wanted.

Not everyone gets what they want. Only the lucky ones do, but there’s a catch. At times we fall for something just because of its face value and don’t research on what’s the true value of that product or service. As a kid, I always wanted that adjustable bed that we see in hospitals. I had no idea that they are for admitted patients. I ended up getting cancer 15 years later and ended up on the same beds for my chemotherapy sessions. I regretted wanting to get that bed. This dark story was just to set the scene straight. Not everyone gets what they want but those who do, don’t always end up liking what they get. In fact, they instantly regretted their choice. And that always happens when you don’t do your research or the purchase decision is based on impulse. Impulse will bankrupt humankind, I am telling you. At least, these people will now realize to do their homework before getting the things they always wanted to get. Unless you are Elon Musk or some rich billionaire, then who cares, just throw it away and move on.


Let’s enjoy some cases of people absolutely regretting their decisions of getting their dream items.

1. Person had a dream company that they always wanted to work in. They got the job and according to them the job is nice but the company absolutely sucks.

Source: anon

2. This person always begged his mom to make him a ketchup and mustard sandwich. One day she finally agreed and when the food was served, his tummy was already full of regret.


Source: sarahels

3. She fell into the love trap by her friend-with-benefits thinking he truly loved her, Turns out, he was only interested in one-nighters and nothing more than that.


Source: SuchKiwi

4. This person always wanted to get a pool installed in their backyard and they finally got one. They just totally ignored how hectic the maintenance would be and totally regretted their choice.


Source: Lenny_III

5. Massage chairs work differently when you take a demo at the shop. When this person purchased it based on a very relaxing demo, things were never the same as soon as the massage chair arrived home.


Source: General-Permission-5

6. This person decided one day to stop taking their medicine. They ended up at the hospital and have now been prescribed more medicine for life.


Source: rurubarb

7. This person always wanted to get a waterbed and they finally got one for $1000 dollars. It ended up being the most uncomfortable bed in the world while causing them serious back issues and the evil bed was ultimately sold for a mere $100.


Source: TallAFTobs

8. They got a beautiful marine fish tank which only looked good until it was clean. Maintenance of the aquarium made them regret their decision so much.


Source: dannyrj91

9. This person used to bake as a hobby and ended up starting an entire bakery business that ended up being successful and has been running for 13 years, but the business took away her passion for baking as dealing with customers was hectic. Doing bakery business as a full-time was just not what she wanted to do.


Explore deep into your hobbies before you want to turn one into a career because going back will have bad consequences.

Source: acefrosting

Well, wow! This post puts so much emphasis on how important the process of decision-making is. I mean, you just can’t get something just because you wish to get it. Especially when you are looking for a job or starting your own company or buying a $1000 mattress. Please, investigate further into those items before getting them so you don’t have to go through that ugly phase of regret. It can cause serious damage.

Let’s look at some more pictures of people regretting their decisions. instantly after taking them.

10. I feel like this person was influenced to get a go pro by those cool youtube videos. He ended up buying it and had no use of it at all.


Source: Duuuuude_WTF

11. As soon as she got a nose ring, it started giving her a sensation like that of a booger in the nose. And that booger is now in there forever.

Source: Zmanoside

12. This student graduated with a degree in arts which was only nationally accredited. They were too late to realize that it wont have any worth outside the country.


Source: cesinsf

13. This picture has regret written all over it. Only those who have consumed this product can see it.

Advertisement by UDM

Source: LostInRealityForever

14. This person was ambitious to continue gym during covid lockdown so they got a lot of lockdown equipment. Turns out doing gym at home never motivated him to enter that room full of equipment.


Source: Interesting_Rich_643

15. This person purchased their dream ski boat which was too big to fit in their garage and consumed way too much gas, ending up making the boat unusable. Regrets all around as they ended up selling it.

Source: BreakingBad2014

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Have you guys ever regretted a purchase in life?


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