10+ Hilarious Stories Of Men Basically Failing At Following Basic Cooking Instructions

Not everyone can be Gordon Ramsay.

However, you have to know a bit of know-how to actually live like a proper human being. After all, you can’t ask your mother to do everything for you. However, these men apparently did because some of them couldn’t even understand how to boil water. And here I thought I was horrendous at cooking.

From pouring the sauce directly in the water currently being used to boil the pasta to not understanding how to make tea, these guys are the perfect package. Jokes aside, I am surprised how they managed to stay alive this long. So scroll on below and take a look at some hilarious disasters.

Source: Twitter

#1 Well, It is ‘technically’ an ice-cream sandwich.

#2 Wow, that is just……wow.

#3 He just wanted to sound fancy.

#4 To be honest, anyone can make that mistake.

#5 Well, he watched it real good.

#6 You should have specified.

#7 Always read the instructions!

#8 What did he do with the seeds? Throw them?

#9 That is disgusting.

#10 I wonder why he wasn’t ‘hungry’.

#11 Maybe pull it off the stove?

#12 I wonder the same thing.

#13 That’s what you do right? It makes perfect sense.

Have any hilarious cooking disasters you wanna share? Comment down below and let us know.

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