Artist Creates Funny Comics About Mental Health Issues That Hit Too Close To Home

Mental health issues are not rare anymore.

If you or someone you love are going through mental health issues, just know that you are not alone. The world supports you and understands you. Some people deal with their problems by talking it out, some by bottling it up, and some deal with problems by expressing themselves through art.

This artist creates wholesome comics about mental illness to take away the dark side of mental health issues and take it on a lighter note. We can all relate to these comics whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, BPD, or PTSD.

Scroll down below to see the wholesome comics:

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1. 12pm vs. 12am

2. Bottling up emotions.

3. No serotonin for you.

4. Calling people vs Calling your favourite person.

5. Check up on your loved ones.

6. Constant reassurance.

7. Having a bad day.

8. Hello darkness, my old friend.

9. Spending your days off like.

10. It was NOT your fault.

11. Everybody’s gangsta until.

12. Exhaustion.

13. Forehead kisses are the best.

14. Cuddling makes it better.

15. Jenga.

16. Have you messed up in life?

17. I’m not okay.

18. Life can’t get better.

19. Everything is lighter around you.

20. It’s back!

21. Missing: Happiness.

22. Mushy faced hugs!

23. Does ordering stuff online make it better?

24. Purchasing plants.

25. Screaming brain.

26. How to deal with someone’s self deprecating remarks.

27. You can spend forever with your favourite person.

28. No mental breakdowns today!

Can you relate to any of these? How do you deal with your mental health issues? Let us know in the comments below!

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