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10+ Hilarious Zoo Signs To Learn The Instructions In The Most Amusing Ways.

It has been a long time since all of us have visited any zoo. Our childhood was centred around going out to enjoy and have fun. Going to the zoo used to be one of the best outgoing activities for all of us. Given how busy all of us are due to work and routine, we do not get to visit the Zoo that often. Plus, with lives anchored by the internet and online world, it is rare to even see kids at the zoo. For adults, we can argue that it is not as eventful to go to the zoo as it used to be. Regardless of that, we still cherish the experience of going to the zoo and eating ice cream while we roamed around interacting with animals. We used to fill our tummies with cotton candies, snacks, and chips we found at different stalls. Even though we could smell that odd odour in the air, it was still part of the whole experience.


We didn’t just go to the zoo to look at animals but to know more about them. It was not just a sight-seeing experience, but also a great learning experience. There used to be descriptions beside every cage or area where an animal resided.

Other than that, warning signs are also required and some Zoos are very creative with their signs. Scroll below to check some really funny and creative signs!

1. Humans are social animals

Via Thehype105

2. Fish, the chain smoker!

Via jtrauen

The zoo uses humour to convince people to not throw cigarettes everywhere. I cannot believe humans do not even leave zoos alone. Keep your trash to yourself, people!

3. Every kind of animal is present in the zoo!

Via imgur

There is every kind of animal in these zoos. This is such a funny way of categorizing where each type of animal is. Kids would not want to see scary animals!

4. Animal health over anything else!


I like how easily they added that animals could eat humans and they are more concerned about animals getting sick than humans getting eaten.

5. If your faith is strong, you will go in there with full confidence!

Via Miss Fipi Lele

I doubt anyone would like to test their fate to prove their faith. Even if someone believes in rebirth, I am certain they would not want to die at the hand of a tiger.

6. Tigers see you as a tasty meal

Via tripadvisor

This is the perfect way to bring people in sync with reality.

7. Kids are hard to digest, keep them away from Tigers!

Via that_wildlife_girl_maddie

Tigers love kids but not in the way humans love kids, so make sure you keep your kids away from tigers!

8. Beever did not catch the warning!

Via Mark Wilson

Beevers will be eating anything they set their mind to.

9. Move or you would be shat on!

Via imgur

I wonder what people would have dealt with before this sign was posted. A lot of people would have noticed bits on their heads and clothes when they got back home from the zoo.

10. No more protein needed!

Via Bongo

If the bears were deprived of protein, then the zoo would have contacted humans for help. But for now, humans are free to go!

11. Were they trying to be funny?

Via very

12. Visual representation of how you will get eaten by a crocodile

Via James Hill

A man whose legs are functional might be able to escape and run away from the crocodile. Anyone in a wheelchair has no escape at all. They should watch out!

13. Beware of a rhino’s fart!

Via slutvision
Advertisement by UDM

I wonder how many people would have been farted on that made them put up a sign. Damn, that would have been messy as hell!

14. Unless you don’t want to drink dissolved fish crap, drink the water away!


I am wondering who on earth would fish water? How thirsty do you have to be to drink water with sea creatures in it?

15. Harry potter is allowed nowhere near the glass!

Via username5550123

Unless someone is unaware that they are a wizard and have hidden magic power, this glass probably would never break. However, it would be cool if someone finds out they are a wizard and gets to go to Hogwarts. They would be living everyone’s dream.

16. Standing on your head is a big no!

Via Adam4000

It is important to not stand on your head. You would be more occupied with balancing yourself than feeding the kangaroo.

17. Gorillas are a lot more dangerous than you may think!

Via fkalltheway

I question sometimes how Gorillas are kept inside zoos. They are so big and scare everyone away. Unless you are an animal caretaker, no one would want to come that near to Gorillas.

18. Special diet requires special precautions! Kids are off the menu.

Via SweetestSummer

Youngsters are not on the special menu that the Zoo staff has designed specifically for lions.

19. A deer might fall like a raindrop anytime! Watch your head.

This is coming as a big shock to me that deers are hidden on the top of trees by leopards. How do leopards even climb the tree?

20. An obvious one

Via quite funny

Thieves should not be allowed. I cannot believe some people are so heartless that they steal animals from zoos.

21. Fingers have germs on them, animals do not need to eat germs


Damn, that would hurt like hell. I do not even have the warning to stay safe in this regard.

22. How can you punch someone so adorable? Treat them with kindness


How horrible do you have to be to punch such cute animals? This is shocking. For some who love and adores animals. I cannot believe people exist who think it is okay to punch animals.

23. Fish do not have a very flattery smell

Via Ben Carlisle

Poor fish!

24. Steer clear of the poop!

Via Kevin Trotman

I am glad they put up a sign because not many think they can be shat on by a rhino.

25. Monkeys are not as friendly as you may think.

Via Tinie_Snipah

We only meet with trained monkeys usually. We do not know how wild monkeys react around humans. The first time I heard that monkeys bite fingers, I was shocked!

26. Zoo got some very good-looking tortoises!

Via AxsDeny

Given how slow they walk, they get to spend a lot of time under the sun. That must increase their temperature a lot, unfortunately!

27. Humanity must be kept intact

Via climatic

28. They’re beautiful as ever!

Via Halucyon

29. Choose your pick!


I am curious to know what the Wild Ass house is about.

30. It’s no hidden information.

Via okhristine

The Zoo staff knows what is important. Long trips to the zoo eventually need a restroom break.

All these signs served double purposes. They warned people what risks they might have to look out for, and also added some humour to light up the mood. I love how they were so creative with all the signs. Which sign did you find most creative? Let us know in the comments!


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