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“What’s Wrong With My Dog?” Dog Owners Shared Hilarious Pics Of ‘Malfunctioning’ Dogs

So, are you ready for another article about dogs? Of course, you are!

Because we just don’t ever get tired of them, do we? Dogs are, without a doubt, really mesmerizing creatures. They are adorable, funny, extremely intelligent, and ridiculously goofy at times – in short, dogs are a complete package of entertainment! If you don’t own a dog yet, we assure you that you are missing out on one of the best blessings that have been given to this world. You won’t even need to rely on a human anymore because your dog would always stay by your side through thick and thin. They will love you unconditionally and will go to any extent to please you!


However, as smart as they appear to be, they can end up doing the silliest of things one could ever imagine! Dogs don’t leave any chances of surprising us with their mischievous and hilarious acts. Back in 2015, a subreddit that goes by the name of “What’s wrong with your dog?” was created. Over time, it has garnered a whopping 1.2 million members who keep on sharing hilarious pictures of their dog’s malfunctions. If you don’t have a dog yet and you are want to know what you are getting into, this is the perfect chance for you! We have compiled some of the most hilarious and best pictures for you to see! Start scrolling and let the fun begin!

1. They would sleep at the weirdest places!

via TRextheCorgi

2. Meet Honey! This pupper has a long tongue and adorable smol ears but she won’t show them both at the same time!

via My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

3. “I live in the dark”


4. He loves his brick!

via AlmomoNamal

5. What the hell is wrong with this dog!?

via Dependent_Wolverine8

During an interview with the founder of City Dog Expert & a professional dog trainer, Kimberly Freeman, he said that the pandemic has been a disaster for everyone around the world. Living under the lockdown surely hasn’t been easier but we all can learn a lot from our dogs how to live in the moment and enjoy the life at the fullest!

The dog trainer further added, “look out of the window and admire the beauty around us (or the neighbor’s cat) or be excited when the postman delivers something new (especially a new purchase). Even relax and be content with our own company and the company of those around us.”

Most importantly, we can see how dogs let go and do not hold anger or resentment. Our four-legged friends teach us “to forgive when you truly are sorry (just like that time you accidentally stood on your pup’s tail).”

6. Just A Girl And Her Electrical Outlet Cover. No Matter How Many Times We Put This In The Tool Bag, She Always Picks It Back Out. Never Tries To Do Anything To It; Just Holds It And Sleeps With It

via Physical_Agent1162

7. I won’t fit but I’d still like to try and take a nap.

via cenabollywood

8. The way he’s sitting on the couch!

via Jarv_Turkey

9. Here’s Hank. He’s adorable and a little … different!

via My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

10. When everyone’s sleeping

via holycrimsonbatman

Kimberly said that taking care of a dog certainly isn’t an easy task! “Shit happens (literally) and no matter how well-behaved our dogs are, we cannot control every element of their actions.”

But “sometimes the most surprising things our dogs do bring us the most unexpected joy.” Kimberly gave an example of “non-dog owners having no idea how hysterical a dog snore or a snaggle tooth can be.”

At the end of the day, having a dog by your side has great health benefits! According to the research, keeping a dog is good for your mental and physical health as well as they do keep us active, happy and would always be there to lift our moods up during our bad times! Most importantly, if you are “forever alone”, they can even get you a date.

11. This is another pure example of a malfunctioned doggo.

via e2g1xjl

12. What creature is this? We are not sure! Can you help us?

via My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

13. That’s a new kind of plant which barks too!

via 1065357

14. A devil in disguise.

via Luvlyjubblies1

15. “Dad, our dog has been possessed!”

via Hereofbleed423

16. “Hooman, why are we riding upside down?”

via memezzer

17. “Oooo, there’s something in the bushes hooman!”


18. My Dog Stares At Me Like This To Gain The Bed Pat Giving Her Permission To Jump Up

via AstoundiglyAverage

19. Meet Lou. He’s a deep thinker.

via sleep_suit

20. “Look hooman, I can stand in the water! Can you?”

via Strangedoggo

21. My Vet Sent Me This From My Dogs Check Up Today

via CaptainCallahan

22. “Have I got something on my face, hooman?”

via Alazteir

23. A baby hippo!

via cyrilgoldenrock

24. Goofy!

via carocarrott

25. My Roommates Left For The Day With The TV On. I Go Downstairs With My Dog And She Does This

via Road_Whorrior

26. “I didn’t do anything”

via drcokmuffin

27. My Mother-In-Law Sent Me This When I Was At Work And Let The Dog In Her Apartment

via TheFearGGWP

28. “I can fit in here, perfectly!”

via Chardee____Macdennis

29. “Take a picture of me hooman, quick! I can’t stand here for too long! I’m fallliiiiinnnnnng”

via bnworkman

30. This has got to be the cutest one!

via My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

31. Just So We’re All Fully Aware That Sir Frederick Has Not Stopped Doing This Every Single Night

via ScumBreedsScum

32. It will start making sense if you keep looking at this picture

via fifthmeat

33. We Have A Yard Full Of Grass. He Prefers His Personal Spot In The Driveway

via beefcakemaximus

34. Went To My Local Dog Bar, And My Brothers Dog Decided To Go Make Friends With These 3 Random Guys. Just Joined Their Group And Hung Out For A While

via SquarishWheel


via morkie_flash

36. “Bubbles? What bubbles?”

via otterlyconfuzed

37. Wobbly Looks Like A Complete Derp When He’s Excited


38. The maid didn’t come today. He’s doing the dishes

via shakibuju

39. Stoner pup!

via aries0688

40. What a cutie!

via alexastrid

41. Look at this big baby!

via LukeRenoe

42. It’s not a dog, it’s an ostrich!

via 11_throwaways_later_

43. Only Now Discovered This Sub And Thought I Should Share An Old Photo Of My Dog, When He Was A Puppy And Was Still Learning How To Dog

via Colorful_Creature

44. Too sleepy to care.

via ChirpinFromTheBench

45. He Woke Up From His Nap And Slid Half Way Off The Couch Then Just Stayed There Wagging His Tail

via wantedmaniac

46. Here’s Freddy! He’s a deep-sea monster!

via ScumBreedsScum

47. Can your dog sleep and drink at the same time? Hah! This pup can!

via pun420

48. “Get me a smoke!”

via analieserae

49. “To Pass, You Must First Answer My Riddle. What… Is That You Have In Your Hand And Can I Eat It Please And Thanks?”

via dwooding1

50. Just have to open the fridge for a millisecond and see the magic.

via MeliaDanae

Well, we have reached the end of the article and we bet you just couldn’t stop laughing throughout the article, could you? Dogs can be truly weird AF at times but hey, that just makes them more adorable! Have you ever witnessed something like this? Feel free to let us know down in the comments section below!


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