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15 Heart-Warming Pics That Prove There Is Still Hope Left For Our World

Hope still exists.

Our world is a mess right now. It’s so heartbreaking to touch this topic but it is so significant that we cannot ignore it. It is our world after all. I don’t have the budget to travel to Mars, so I will have to make do with what I’ve got. But what I have is deteriorating by the day. The Earth is about to enter the never-ending cycle of global warming, and we can already feel its effects. Many countries are becoming water scarce. And the global pandemic has made everything worse than it was.


And then there is the social aspect to all this as well. The discrimination towards minorities, unemployment, racism, public killings, sexism, school shootings, and the list goes on and on. And who’s to protect us? Our leaders? Well, clearly not because a majority of them are busy filling up their banks. So basically, we as a society feel we are broken and there is no more hope left. But what if I tell you that it’s not over yet, and that hope still exists? Would you believe me? Maybe some, but not many.

Well, today I’ve got some wholesome and adorable images for you guys to believe that a glimmer of hope still exists and it is only us, the general public, who can do something with it. Scroll down below for a refreshing experience.

1. Best mates forever!

Via TheRealCoachJO_

2. “My Son Has Parked His Bike By This Lamppost Just About Every Day For The Last Year. This Morning, This Sticker Had Appeared”


Via asausagehastwo

3. “Little girl thought my wife was a princess from her favorite book.” So adorable!


Via Skizzotrobzface

4. “My mom passed away and I adopted her cat. Here she is sitting on Mum’s ashes.”


Via Gmd88

5. One way of reinstating humanity is by removing hate.


Via Gregory Locke

6. “Husband plants 1000s of scented flowers for his blind wife who suffered from depression.”


Via Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

7. Humanity still exists.

Here is what a witness of this beautiful act of kindness had to say, “Wanted to give a shout-out to this girl. No idea who she is, but we are in Wrigleyville on the rooftop of Old Crow Smokehouse. There was a blind Cubs fan trying to hail a cab for several minutes until the lady came up and asked him if he needed help hailing a cab. She stood there with him until one pulled up. Awesome to see such kindness in a world that the media portrays so much hate in. Share freely in hopes that her kindness spreads.”


Via Ryan Hamilton

8. Commitment leads to success. More power to you.


Via hamdia_ahmed

9. This groom burst to save a kid drowning, as he noticed during his wedding shoot. What a lad!


Via Hatt Photography

10. “Ever since my niece saw Toy Story, she shouts “I’m leaving!” and peeks at her room like this.”


Via  finestjun

11. This is so emotional.

Via Sophia_Kallie

12. “I love it when a neighbor kid knocks on the door and asks if my husband can come out and play.”


Such great and cute stories are helping restore my faith, and I hope the charm is working on you guys as well. And if you notice, these are not too huge acts like gifting someone a house or giving a homeless person a million dollars. These are small acts of kindness, and they have the most impact.

Scroll down below to enjoy some more wholesome acts of kindness.

13. “This man is recycling old picnic coolers into shelters for stray cats for winters.” Very cool.

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Via Waifer2016

14. “Standing in front of the slave quarters of our ancestors, at the Whitney Plantation, with my medical school classmates. We are truly our ancestors’ wildest dreams.”


Via _botttt

15. “I told my grandma I was bisexual a few weeks ago and today she gave me this. My grandma made me a rainbow sweater.” Society is not broken.

Via sunatjexd

16. Well done, mate!


Via its_leahs

17. A Queen for a reason!

Via OctopussSevenTwo

18. I’m speechless. Such examples make my belief stronger in humanity. It is only us who can help us.


Via Love What Matters

19. A real-life Disney princess

Via LooseyGooseyBrett

20. Firefighters helped this 62-year-old forest ranger on his death bed, pay a final visit to the woods. Wow!


Via Evergreen Hospice Volunteers

21. “Today I found out that the overnight security guard at my work knits boots and mittens for premature babies at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.”

Via _laurennewsome

22. “Woman holds and comforts a homeless man experiencing medical and emotional distress on the subway platform until EMS arrives.”


Via miau_am

23. The award for the best dad goes to:

Via KateAustin_

24. “This time 4 years ago I was in the ER losing my 6th baby. I refused to give up. This is me meeting my daughter, my lucky number 7, for the first time.”

Via DontWorryImMedicated

25. “My little sister leaned to sew so she could make face masks after a hospital made a post asking for them.”


So, did this post manage to successfully convert you? I hope it did. Although the world is so much in trouble, such small things to make someone’s day a little better is all that is needed for all that stress to just vanish. I don’t know if the damage to our society is beyond repair or not, but all I know is that humans can make a difference if they want to.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments down below.


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