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Horrifying Houseguests Who Exist Solely To Destroy People’s Homes

While we enjoy the comfort, the peace of our home, we always have this one roommate or crazy neighbor that has never failed to mess something up or be a rebel. To be mellow, they are on their own premises while we mind our own business. But have you ever had a guest over that was utterly a complete nightmare? I surely have and it is sometimes horrific to experience all that they are capable of doing.


The irony of it is how since we are hospitable enough to be welcoming, we get into situations where out of the essence of being humble, we are just unable to stop the guest from doing something that clearly they shouldn’t be doing in the first place. It gets us into a position of complete helplessness and the overwhelming anger that lingers alongside just makes the entire visit a countdown for it to end.

These guests are complete nightmares and this comes off as a warning to not invite guests over.

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2. That is just the beginning of the next generation Tedd Bundy.

Via u/StrongAsMeat

3. That is just disgusting and dirty on so many different levels!

Via u/vowelspace

4. Stealing is just a no-go zone, why the medications though?

Via u/UndecidedLemon

5. The amount of energy and effort it must have taken for the poor fellow to build the lego set.

Via u/Hydrosimian

Sometimes we blame; naughty kids for coming over and breaking things, disrespectful adults for indirectly being rude verbally, unnecessary family drama that lingers in family dinners, ill-mannered people for not knowing the etiquettes to be decent, friends who have no respect for privacy, and just overall guests who get on our nerves one way or the other.

This on the other hand is a whole different level of disrespectful things that some people have the potential to do.

6. Are you sure those were some pain meds?

Via u/KeepingBalance

7. There is no way one would pick up another man’s garbage off the floor.

Via u/ thunderfart_99·

8. If they were Christian Louboutin then that is just a crime.

Via u/Guyinback08

9. That must have created a red mess.

Via u/Mr_A_Rye

10. That is the exact reason why it is not recommended to do hard drugs.

Via u/Plestiodonobsoletus

11. At-home pedicure without having to go out.

Via u/PigCopsFatTits

12. The cat was the main culprit for it all, not the drunk friend.

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13. NGL lets not judge people for wanting to fulfill their own needs.

Via u/Renrost

14. Oh God that must have been a horror for the one who saw and smelled that.

Via u/topdeckisadog

15. The invitation for one turned into a million others real quick.

Via u/StraightSho

Hats off to all those hosts who have to go through such things. The epitome of some guests to do such things without even realizing how it speaks about their character and it just shows how they don’t care about all that the hosts put into organizing even the smallest gathering. The kind gestures they put in by tolerating these immense behaviors and actions. I would never let such a guest in my house ever again, would you?


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