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50 Unflattering Dog Moments That Prove Doggos Are Dorks

Whether you’re team cat or dog, you know we’ve always got you covered!

Even though we may never be able to decide which animal actually rules the internet, we can safely say that there are indeed some adorable and smile-inducing doggo posts out there. There’s no doubt about it though; puppers have so many adorable sides of their personalities that you just can’t resist!


Even when doggos are flaunting their most unflattering moments, they can’t help doing so with some level of cuteness! They may be looking like complete derps in the dog world, but to us and all of you, we’re sure that even the weirdest moments will make you laugh! These weird doggo malfunctions are classic moments that all dog owners are subject to, but the internet can’t get enough of them!

When people wanted a change from cute dog photos, they decided to bring in a new and more hilarious challenge to give us the twist we never knew we needed. Have you heard of the Dogspotting Society’s Unflattering Dog Photo Challenge? We are talking about the #UnflatteringDogPhotoChallenge which has so many entries but we’re sure you still won’t be able to get enough. Safe to say, dogs aren’t all that different from humans so it’s only natural that they’ll have their own share of funny unflattering moments. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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1. Always chaos when 2 dogs are together

via Anjacember Rowe

“Where are Tuna’s aunties at? Brutus and I wanna know if you’ll take her off of our hands for a few days.”

2. When that food coma hits

via Megan Lewis

“My awesome in-laws just walked into their living room to find this nonsense. Gretel is 100% the wildcard of the German Shorthaired Pointers in the family.
“Gretel puppy is a rescue. She enjoys long walks and harassing birds. She also has a GSP sister that she likes to sleep on top of… Gretel could host her own show and I’d watch it.”

3. Clearly didn’t get the memo

via Anna Wemple

“Mom: smile for a photo!!!

Princeton: okay… but sissy is WEIRD

Peach: CHEEEEEEESE!!!!!!!

Mom: 👁👄👁 uhm… ok peach”

4. Summer frizz be like…

via Teri LaRusso-Roberts

“This is Jasper. He’s having a bad hair day. 🤣”

5. The true siblings’ reality

via Sydnie Barker

“I thought you said having a little sister would be FUN!?”

Megan Lewis, an enthusiastic participant of the #UnflatteringDogPhotoChallenge was one of the people who submitted a photo of Gretel, her doggo. According to Megan Gretel is her “dog-in-law”. She belonged to her parents in law who were excited to post the photo of Gretel for the challenge! “So, Gretel is basically like my sister in law,” Megan joked.

6. Why did the doggo cross the road?

via Anjacember Rowe


7. Christmas decorations didn’t go down so well

via Sarah Butt


8. When the bling doesn’t match the outfit

via Anna Wemple

“Probs shouldn’t have chewed my harness”
“Dis weird”
“Da faq?”
“Doin a confuse”
“Why is dis happening?”

Peach chewed her harness and is wearing her collar for the time being 😂 this was on our walk this morning. She is definitely goofy LOL lord help me”

9. Hot girl summer?

via Annie Grace Manner

“*this will be me this summer*”

“Gretel is what’s known as a ‘hot mess express’ and we are routinely sent pictures of her looking crazy or judgy or both,” Megan explained. “This is a regular occurrence. They’ll find her in all sorts of places she shouldn’t be. She’s a rescue from All Points West Gsp Rescue based out of Colorado.”

10. When you’ve got a hard case of the munchies

via Beck Riley

“meet my child, Beanie Baby. this is my favorite photo of her. she keeps me laughing all day 🤣”

11. When dessert hits the table

via David Amour

“I miss this girl like crazy. I miss buying extra snacks just to share with her. She gave me 16.5 years of unconditional love, joy, and laughs. Look at this hot mess! 😂🥰🥰🥰 I love and miss you, little dumpcake.”

12. Comfiest place in the house!

via Christine McGowan

“This is my grumpy little man, Cricket! He is a Jack Russell and today he turns 13!! 🥳❤️”

13. When people think you’re cute but you’ve been hiding the truth

via Rhys Kay
Advertisement by UDM

“People always say he’s too cute to be named Hannibal. If only they knew 💁🏻‍♂️”

14. Happiest in his hooman’s lap

via Taylor Cooke

“Please take a second to see Archie’s splay.”

15. Teething problems…

via Jacob Marquardt

“Smoke did not enjoy his crate as a puppy🤣 he’s gotten better over the last year”

Megan was shocked that her photo went viral: “No one in the fam expected Gretel to ‘blow up’ online. “We’re just all so glad everyone that liked and commented got to see the spaztastic and funny family pooch!” The photo of Gretel got over 21,000 reacts on Facebook with more than 1300 comments and almost 500 shares!

16. That first splash of sunshine hits different

via Erica Budzinski

“This is Charles’s second entry. He is an odd fellow. I give you, his favorite sleeping position.”

17. Swimming lessons

via Jade Giudice

“Spotted a derpy dolphin on the beach today 10/10 swimming skills 😂😍”

18. When the leftovers are too good to waste

via Melissa Medina

“My Sheltie loves cleaning up after my daughter. The table is a bit of a stretch to reach, though! 😂”

19. What a squishy floof!

via Madison Sabourin

“What a beautiful sight to wake up to 😍”

20. When you see a ghost but no one believes you

via Lisa-Marie Carriere

“Pebbles: What is that over there?
Me: Oh no, it’s just the neighbours’ dogs. Please don’t bark.
Pebbles: 😑
Me: I’m begging you, Pebbles. There’s four of them and they’re huge compared to you.
Pebbles: *borks* I will fight them in your honor, Mother.
Me: 🤦‍♀️”

21. Highly photogenic…

via Rebecca Davenport


22. They see me rollin’

via Anna Wemple

“Dis wimd not wimdy enuff….”

“Step on it, hooman”

“Want jowls to flap in da wimd”

Luv, Kingston 🖤”

23. When you just want some love

via Lisa Larsen

“Looooong neck”

24. Coziest nook in the house

via Krystal Padden

“Chester up to his silly self 🤣.”

25. That’s one majestic coat

via Grace Baldridge

“When the human puts the setting on “Panoramic” instead of ‘Portrait'”

“I still guffaw every time I look at this picture. I hope it’s brought you a good hearty laugh today. My Australian Shepherd, Hercules Mulligan is named after a brave character in the semi historical Broadway Musical, Hamilton. He’s a ruffian like his namesake, he is handsome and brings all the dogs to yard.”

26. First heartbreak hits different

via Vanessa Longman

“Little dude, are you ok here? 🤣”

27. Too hungry to wait for butter

via Ali Alden

“I…um…I’ll just leave this here.”

28. When you’re trying to act tough but you’re just made of fluff

via Tess Clark

“Damien has been nailing the #unflatteringdogphotochallenge since we adopted him at 13 weeks old 🤓”

29. Corgi butts hit different

via Ivana Z. Matko

“Three years ago Dodo was accused of eating a bracelet clasp. The vet told us to check for it in his poop and to keep an eye out if he is acting strangely. He was very uncomfortable, we stared at him and did butt inspections. The clasp was found three days later on the bookshelf, oops”

30. When you’re evil on the inside

via Christine Lyons

“My Tequila girl 🤪”

31. Trying to be sexy like…

via Sarah Elizabeth

“Toby is always in entertainment mode 😅”

32. Too soft for this world!

via Jennifer Joy Frapwell

“This is Korra; she is my family’s husky pup. The first pic reminds me of the dinosaur from Meet the Robinsons – “I’ve got a big head and little arms” 😂🦖”

33. He needs a minute…

via Jessica Berkowitz

“I think Rex is broken. We put him in rice and things seem to be getting back to normal 🥴😂”

34. When they leave you on seen.

via Lisa-Marie Carriere

35. Learning how to wink!

via Doñia Zahra

“Boop the 9 year old rescue snoot? Kuku doesn’t get much attention here but she still wanted to show you her submission for #unflatteringdogphotochallenge”

36. What every Christmas card should look like

via Zoe Butler

“I waited in line for over an hour and a half for this Santa photo lol”

37. When the flies just won’t leave you alone

via Alana Rodriguez

“Hooman needs to stop trying to take ‘cool action shots’ of Archo… I put a lot of force into my shakes 😂”

38. What a beauty!

via Alana Rodriguez

“Henlo. Just popped by to say… you is amazing ❤️”

39. New Year’s Day be like…

via Grace Elizabeth

“Ralphie is here for his entry to the #unflatteringdogphotochallenge”

40. SNL re-runs

via Sara Miller Morris

“Look Mom, imma hooman!”

41. Want to name this one cocoa bean

via Nicola Coia Quinn

42. When your mom asks you to get your butt off the couch

via Drew Maxwell

“You decide… Her name is Peaches, she’s a death row rescue from Miami. Breed guess is mastiff/boxer/bulldog/pit mix. 1 year cancer free after emergency bowel resection due to a rare gastrointestinal stromal tumor”

43. Photobombing at its finest

via Anjacember Rowe

“Petunia- ‘scuse me mom, hope you don’t mind if I do a sit

Me- Petunia, you are 50 lbs

Petunia- and?

Me- ok you can sit there”

44. Watching horror movies at the cinema like…

via Alana Rodriguez

“When the scritches hit so good, Archo turn into old man 😴”

45. Caught in headlights

via Jen Wie

“This is Ethel an ancient chihuahua I recently rescued. She goes in Tuesday for her eye to be removed from previous trauma. Please send her some good juju, mojo, prayers, whatever you can. She makes me laugh every day.”

“Update! Ethel made it through eye surgery and is now resting next to me at home. ❤️”

46. When your mom is constantly embarrassing you

via Anna Wemple

“Life with huskies 👀”

Mom: “smile for a picture!!”
Princeton: “dis sucks”
Kingston: : “3/10 worst mom ever…”
Prince & King: “dis torture.. call da pawlice for aboose.. need new mom”

47. When bae needs too much attention

via Bruna Andrade

“My late baby szary always did this when called. Such a… Normal pup”

48. When they say playtime is over

via Dede Lent

“Rocky has had a long night🤣”

49. When you and your best friend are fighting

via Sarah Lea Donlan

“Glorious photobomb from Cricket”

50. When they brought treats!

via Heather Wilburn

“OMG!! It’s dad!”

All of these doggo photos may be part of an unflattering photo challenge, but they have been loved by viewers all over the world because of the different sides and personalities of the puppers that they bring out! There’s no doubt about the fact that these doggos have more than just a cute side and we’re loving it!

If you laughed along and loved every one of them, let us know in the comments below! We’d love to know which one was your favourite!


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