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40 Pictures Of Golden Retrievers Puppies That Prove They’re The Cutest Dogs

What makes golden retrievers so great?

Nowadays, many people tend to go for golden retrievers, but why is that? What is so special about them among other breeds? Well, every dog breed is unique in its own way but the reason first-time dog owners tend to go for a golden retriever is that they are much easier to train than other breeds. And as we are all well aware, a good training regimen is paramount in teaching your dog everything that will make your life easier.


Not only that, but while they can be overly excited, they also like laying low so they require much less exercise than a husky for example. They are, however, a bit on the larger side which can be a turn-off for people who live in small apartments but most families love to have golden retrievers around their homes. After all, they might look a bit large but they are very gentle and thus safe to be around kids if they have been trained.

You can see for yourself why the whole world loves golden retrievers by scrolling below.

#1 A snuggle makes everything better.

Via staygoldenrustyboy

#2 No work for you!

Via hunt4itt

#3 When the first snowfalls.

Via spunkster40

#4 Ready for some exercise.

Via Dawngeon

#5 When you get caught binge eating.

Via retrieverpuppies

#6 Napping sure is great.

Via lampcow24

#7 I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

Via revenio86

#8 A toothy grin.

Via Molly Moore

#9 This is my sock now.

Via timbergoldenboy

#10 Can I get a boop on the snoot?

Via pupper_tees

#11 Who doesn’t like to play in the rain?

Via 21361

#12 This good boy needs an urgent shower.

Via charliebellethegolden

#13 Seeing clearly is very important.

Via gatsbythegolden_

#14 When you get tired of hiking.

Via gatsbythegolden_

#15 Colby is ready for a selfie.

Via cheesepups

#16 Those ears look adorable.

Via jadeandhergoldens

#17 A tiny lovable boop.

Via kylothegolden

#18 This is why some people can’t have nice things.

Via Quiksilver737

#19 Just don’t turn on the tap.

Via flashftw

#20 A 2-week old baby taking a nap.

Via Rūta

#21 He is just trying to rest.

Via fantasticprinter

Golden retrievers are extremely sociable, which is not uncommon in dogs, but it especially applies to these fluffy doggos. They just have an internal need to always make their owner happy. So they will do anything that makes you happy. And that is precisely why they make such great pets for first-time owners. And they might grow older alongside you but they will always think of themselves as puppies, so don’t be surprised if you have a heavy fluff ball sitting on your lap.

#22 He must have spotted something.

Via goosethegolden

#23 Can you guess how many puppies are in there?

Via R. Scott Duncan

#24 A little bit of play fighting.

Via amigalcrump

#25 Thinking about the world.

Via Max Wheeler

#26 Say cheese!

Via feed_me_please

#27 Is anyone else feeling sleepy all of a sudden?

Via golden_girl_stella

#28 Smelling the delicious food.

Via michellegotmarried

#29 Just doing some yoga poses.

Via gatsbythegolden_

#30 ‘No, don’t take it away hooman!’

Via golden_girl_stella_

#31 When you are throwing a tantrum and no one takes you seriously.

Via Sapphire Dream Photography

#32 Presly looks happy to be adopted.

Via jwiggs152

#33 He is on the prowl for some treats.

Via Davide Andreassi

#34 The doggo just feels shy.

Via golden_girl_stella_

#35 When you are too bored to even get up.

Via ocdrummer47

#36 A toothless smile.

Via cuddlesomecody

#37 No more play!

Via Lasse Emil Hildebrandt

#38 Do I get pets?

Via Josh Norem

#39 Sand in all the right places.

Via limecam

#40 Ready for the morning walk.

Via thegoldenporter

Do you love golden retrievers as much as we do? Why not share some of the things you love most about them? After all, we always love to hear from you so comment down below and let us know.


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