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Artist Creates Hilarious Illustrations With Quirky Twists

Ryan Pagelow is a Chicago based illustrator who brings classic stories to life for the audience in unique and different ways. This grabs the attention of the people who in return love Ryan Pagelow’s illustrations. His artwork resonates with people and inspires them which in return, entertains them. The artists’ unique way of expressing his ideas and perspective adds to his popularity. The main character of his comics is Buni (a 2-foot rabbit with long and black coloured paws), who is not only pleasing to the minds of the readers but also relatable. The artist not only focuses on Buni but concentrates equally as much on other characters, bringing their stories to life in the most fun and eye-catching way. What sets his comics apart is his different way of portraying each character, they are not only amusing but every one of them has a quirky trait. This is one of the main reasons why Ryan Pagelow has a significant fan base.


In the illustrations below, Buni has been going through a rough time, and this chain of unfortunate events are relatable to every one of us. For the artist, it’s really thrilling to see how Buni figures his way out of his problems and tries to find his happiness. We can only hope that Buni finds his life filled with ‘rainbows and unicorns.’

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1. Crunch! Crunch!

2. When you try your best but you don’t succeed


3. ‘I’ve Got Toof-ache’

4. ‘You make my world go red’

5. Its Spiderman vs Batman..


6. Ouch! I feel for you too Gingerbread man.


7. Where have I seen this before?


8. Well, that is a rough start…


9. Not even the prison walls can stop me from celebrating mothers day!

10. Now that is a ‘Pea-culiar’ thing to do!

11. That is the motivation I want

12. Wish I could do the exact same

13. That is the kind of vacation I want

14. We don’t always get what we want


16. It’s a WAR


17. All you need is a brain

These comics are incredibly humorous and interactive. Now I know what makes Ryan Pagelow’s comics so popular, he has a very funny way of expressing every expression and emotion. So much so that even I can relate to each and every one of them! He captured my interest with his inspiring illustrations and I’m sure even you are hooked on them. You can’t wait for his next comic too, right? I am on my toes for it too!

I loved all of his graphics and illustrations, and I hope you love them just the same. His comics bring happiness into every reader’s life. I relate to all the relationships Buni has, and the way he handles all the situations. What makes it even more humorous is the fact that these comics have the most unexpected outcomes, grasping all the attention of the audience.

Let us know which one you found the funniest and engaging in the comment section below! I honestly think that all of them were a captivating and fun read.


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