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Artist Creates Hilariously Twisted Comics That Hit Really Hard

Things started getting difficult as we got older. We all are in the same boat. With recent events, the world has become so unpredictable and it seems like something worse is coming for us every second (As if things were not already the worst). With Covid-19 taking over our lives, every joy and enjoyment that we used to have from meeting our friends or colleagues outside the home is sapped out of our lives. We understand what you are going through right now, so we have collected some hilarious comics to make you feel better. Beware, these dark comics will make you reconnect with your dark side!


The following comics are created by the insanely talented Mohammed El Mayatiis, who goes by the name Moe. His comic series is called “VeryCereals”. The comics cover different settings and situations. The artist uses dark humor to make them more interesting. Apart from creating comics, Moe is a computer science student. Though he is studying a completely different subject, he enjoys creating comics out of funny life situations and channeling his dark humor.

Regardless of his family’s disinterest, he has always had a lot of interest in art. Even in school, he used to be very active in art class. He reminisces the time he got bad grades in art class in sixth grade and wishes to change that time. Moe had the urge to learn different things so he looked up anime lessons and explored that method of drawing.

He is very famous amongst gamers and in Pop culture. His creativity and entertaining art gained him 10k followers on Instagram.

You can search more of his work here: Instagram | Patreon | Webtoons |

Scroll below to delve into comical madness!

1. When you take your vows too literally!

You really lost in your relationship if Death won over girl!

2. Damn, where did all that hair go?


Bobby grew up but he is playing with the same toys. I am doubting if he even grew up properly.

3. Creepiest costume ever…


Damn. Though, it would have been so cool if I could actually do this. It would be so fun to prank people.

4. Life of every adult.


Why did we think being an adult would be fun? Adult life only means zero messages, no social life, bills, rent, hectic work hours, and sleep deprivation. On top of that, if you are single, it becomes even worse. No one wants to live this life. This comic spoke to me!

5. Old is gold.


Even though old ways were not the most convenient, the sentiments attached to them make you yearn for them. I think any one of us would give up anything to go back into the past!

6. Complimenting a tomato is the key to its maturity!


Now we know why a tomato is so red!

7. White supremacy!


White people and their privileges should not be ignored. One should always stay educated about how our society is structured to elevate a white person’s position.

8. Ambush!


Kindness beats everything! Kindness is the key to kill feuds.

9. A neverending task!


10. Destruction of innocence!


This dad knows how to give a reality check. I think he was probably a little too honest with the kid. The kid was not ready to digest this much honesty.

11. Never trust a frog!

12. Some sloth humor for you!


It would take forever for sloths to do a high-five. I am wondering if they eat at a slower pace, too? During the time they are trying to reach their meal, another animal probably eats it first. It is hard living as a sloth!

13. Timmy has no manners.

No one deserves to be called ugly. Even monsters have feelings!

14. Smartest patient ever!


🤣🤣 If only it was that easy to avoid death.

15. Another type of sick…

Oh, the old was definitely sicker. None of them are even remotely as cool as he was in his younger years.

You cannot deny that Moe is a creative artist. Every comic has its own story and is curated so well. Moe’s passion is visible in his work. Some people are made for specific fields and Moe definitely belongs in this field of arts.

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