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IT Department Forced To Work July 4th, Team Leader Goes Wild With Revenge Company Holiday Party

The time you may spend away from your job is frequently the nicest part of working. Most people view a benefit like a national holiday as essential because working is frequently monotonous, irritating, and takes up much too much of our time.

Unfortunately for some, the senior staff members of the organizations they work for aren’t the majority. At the firm where u/TheLightningCount1 works, a particularly forceful VP made the decision that the IT team they oversaw would have to work on July 4th. Despite persistent resistance, the top executive urged that everyone in the department report to work rather than take a day off. The only exception was a workplace celebration for the employees who had to forfeit their spare time and change their plans. Another senior gave the team manager a free pass on the business credit card, and it’s safe to assume that the staff had the best time possible.

1. Here’s the story of OP whose IT team was called on the 4th of July to the office 

Font - r/MaliciousCompliance u/TheLightning Count1 • 18h 2 1 S55 2 71 1 3 1 1 3 8 1 2 2 2 624 11 21 78 1 1 You demanded my entire team be at the office for the 4th of July. Fine, enjoy paying for the office party. XL So this starts on Monday, the 13th, as I receive an email from a VP not over my department, or Bad VP. I am told that my team will be required on the 4th. I politely tell them no that our team has been scheduled this day off and people already have plans. My team is the IT team and,

2. OP being the leader tried hard to reach the manager but couldn’t;t so he asked everyone that it will be a work from home day

Font - So over the course of the week I let my team know what is happening. I let them know I have been reaching out to higher ups to fix it. I also tell them that if their plans are ruined, I will make it right at work. Over the course of 3 meetings, it start to look like things will not go my way. In response I send an email to the CEO of the company. All of my higher ups know I was going to do this and said I should do this as he is very family oriented and that he would not allow ANYONE to w

3. But as he did not send the email earlier, he was called in the office that it won’t be work from home and everyone needs to be in the office by all means

Font - A day later I was given another outrage. I was told in an email that my employees would be required to be at the office, and no one was allowed to work from home. They would be checking the door badge ins to verify we were at the office. I asked why in an email, and they said that they wanted to make sure no one was playing video games at work. We normally work from home about 2/3rd of the week and video game playing is a normal occurrence at work. So I walked into the person's office. Af

4. OP asked the VP if he can have an office party to which he agreed, he informed everybody to come 

Font - I asked the person requiring us to be at the office if they cared if we had an office party. They said no, as long as it did not interfere with the call flow. Even suggested using my new company card to pay for it. "Go wild." Pro-tip, never tell me go wild. At this point, it was Tuesday the 21st. I let everyone know what's up, but that I have something planned. I asked who had things planned for that day. Two people told me they were planning to shoot off fireworks with their family, but

5. The good thing is the VP asked OP to have a wild party and use the company’s credit card for the party expense 

Font - The bad VP replied again. "Thank you for your understanding. Also yes I would expect an office party if I had to work on the 4th of July as well. So go wild and enjoy your time. Use your new company credit card if you need to cover a few expenses. Also I should not have to remind you or anyone else. No fireworks or alcohol on company property." So now it is time to tell you about my office. See a while back, the IT team was moved from the main corp office and into a smaller building by it

6. One day, everyone was on duty but nobody worked and enjoyed it till 6 pm, the VP called to check in but OP handled

Font - Monday, June the 25th I call up everyone into an hour early meeting that morning. I explain to them all that I will be making it right. I asked everyone to invite their friends and family to the office. No supplies will need to be brought by anyone. I tell them all that this will be non-alcoholic, but that I will be planning something for everyone. I told them to expect all food to be provided and they don't need to bring anything, unless they want to bring some fireworks. IE they wont ha

7. everyone got shocked to see the menu because it was not what they expected, there were all kinds of lavish food, everyone was having a great time 

Font - People were expecting hot dogs, hamburgers, maybe a bratwurst or two. What they got was a full on BBQ feast with pizza and other foods. There was smoked brisket, spare ribs, smoked sausage, smoked turkey, both kinds of tater salad, cole slaw, green beans with bacon and onion, potatos au gratin, pizza from 2 different places, excellent hamburgers, and bratwurst hot dogs. On the deserts side was cake, very good cookies, 4 different kinds of pies, and about 2 pounds of fudge. Families, and f

8. The god VP himself came with family and joined the party, firecrackers were thrown and everyone enjoyed the food, it was even taken home. The bad VP called but was handled, the good VP said he got OP’s back

Font - My VP, not the bad VP mind you, showed up with his family and brought some water balloons for the kids... and manchildren. Around 8:30ish its getting dark and people want to shoot off more than the simple sparklers and firecrackers we had been using. The VP over the IT dept had everyone cross the foot bridge, over county line and off company property mind you, and we set up a big wooden board using it as our launch pad. We fired off what we had for an hour or two, and sort of just hang ou

9. The other day, the expense report had to be handed over to OP. The party cost over 6k because everything ordered was fancy enough, from BBQ to cakes, everythingwas top-notch

Font - Tuesday morning, I submitted the expense report to my VP. This email would inevitably make its way over to the bad VP and up the chain to the CIO of the company. It would be a bad idea to give out the exact cost of the party, mind you, but I can tell you that because of this 4th of July party, new rules were put into place. Any expenses of over 4k or more must be approved by the direct supervisor, VP over the department, and the full expense report must be sent to the financial department

10. The CEO was infuriated not at the party cost but only the IT team working on that day. Later, the bad VP had to send an apology email to OP

Font - The burgers were from an excellent burger place that did catering. I know that owner well. He brought his kids for the night of fun after he heard what was going to be happening. He was also the one who brought the bratdogs as he recently added those to his menu. This was the most expensive office party in the history of the company. The only things more expensive than this were some business meetings that the CEO rented private rooms in high end restaurants for. As for the CEO, he was ou

11. It all looked so bad for the bad OP and she might was asked to resign as she was not present at work 

Font - Then my VP let the CIO and the CEO know about what the Bad VP said. "You guys don't have lives." The bad VP did actually confirm she said it in a meeting with her EVP. It did not go over well. I have never heard people yelling in an office meeting like that before. The CEO of the company came to our office and YELLED at her. Not sure if she was fired, but she is not at work today. In Active Directory she does not have the down arrow of death, so not 100 percent what happened to her. know

12. The ostentatious move impressed Redditors which is seen in the comments.

Vertebrate - i-always_say-fuck 18h Can I work for you? This is fucking magical. Reply ↑ Vote ↓ qole720 18h Me too? My skillset includes knowing how to answer phones, how to turn the computer both off and on, and how to google. I also play video games (sometimes at work).

13. Hats off to this man 

Font - manananni 18h Amazing! I bet your department loves you, and I bet they work their tails off for you. : rebeltrillionaire 14h The funny thing is... Reply Vote For $6K this guy basically created one of the best team-building events that will ever happen. A speaker alone could easily be $5K. A retreat could cost $20-50K. If even one person decides to stay with the company for another year because of this event that's basically a 4X ROI.

14. Do you all agree too?

Font - i_r_witty 18h This is how to be a manager. Have your teams back. I just wrote in my annual review how much it means to me that my manager takes my physical and mental health seriously. Tell him I can be reached by phone on vacation "no you cannot, direct anyone who bugs you to me". Feeling burnt out from debugging assembly code and binary data files for most of the day, "maybe you should take a walk... For the rest of the day. It's not good to be sitting too long you know " It genuinely m

15. Well, here’s more to the story from OP

Font - qxxxr 13h 4 Awards And that's how it came to pass that on the holiday of the Fourth of July, the IT crew that kept the company running in the spring of '22 wound up sitting in a row at 7 o'clock in the evening, eating fresh and hot Texas style BBQ, courtesy of the hardest VP that ever walked a turn at [Company]: "As long as there's no alcohol or firearms on company property, go wild." The colossal prick even managed to sound magnanimous. We sat and drank with the fireworks in our eyes and

16. This was indeed a great story 

Font - 180magpie 17h So awesome. caused a new rule to be put in place about how much you are allowed to spend at one time. "At one time..." Heh heh heh. Reply Vote ↓ Mispelled-This 16h At a past job, my VP hosted a business dinner at an expensive steakhouse with a wine/cigar bar. The bill ended up being $15k, but the VP could only approve expense reports up to $5k. So he had the check split four ways so his four directors could expense $3750 each and he could approve them all. A month later, the

17. Exactly, no one deserved to be working on a public holiday, it sucks 

Font - Alyeska23 17h Everyone wants a day off to spend time with friends and family relaxing. I'm in IT and spend most of my time on the computer at work and at home. I still had the 4th of July off and spent the day hiking and just enjoying life to it's fullest. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, full stop. We all have lives outside of work. Just because I enjoy video games doesn't make my time worth less than someone who enjoys watching football. OP, mad respect for how you handled

18. Some similar story 

Font - PSUAth 17h wow. that's pretty crazy. We had a VP complaining about "un-entered expenses" because our company cards auto-populated our expense software. So they decide to send out a nastygram calling out all those who have expenses that haven't been attributed to either a job or corporate event. in their haste, the 5-figure tab from a strip club was included. At a time when the rank and file were pressed to reduce any and all unnecessary expenses. there were some rather unpleasant workers

The employees of r/MaliciousCompliance weren’t ashamed to express how appreciative they were of the supervisor’s ability to treat their workers nicely. Even though the IT crew may have been forced to give up a valuable day off without justification, at least they now have the assurance that someone had their back.


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