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Karen Demands Fellow Customer Be “Fired”, Suited Legend Steps In, Makes Karen Laughing Stock

Karens’ enraged wrath isn’t limited to their coworkers. They frequently target other customers who they merely wish were employees due to their poor vision. Maybe it’s because they’re hopeless romantics. Perhaps all they truly want is a punching bag to scream at. Or, to put it another way, a shouting bag. Some people don’t know what they are doing, they are always in a fit of furry to barge into something and bash someone out without any reason. These are mostly the people who want to exercise their authority onto other people no matter what. Following story is very similar to that.

On the OP’s first excursion to a Wal of Marts, they were treated to just such an incident, in which a careless Karen had set herself upon a fellow client. But, like a knight in shining armor, another client stepped in and took advantage of the situation. After witnessing this absurd spectacle, they decided to boost the ante by making the situation even more absurd. Karen actually wanted to get a worker fired who was actually a customer. This is how the men of the store responded to it. To read the full story, scroll till the end.

1. Here’s how the OP was able to witness the event at the WartMall

Font - O r/IDontWorkHerelady - Posted by u/Mike_OxonFaier 5 days ago OK, Karen, she's fired. Happy now? XL I've just come back from a quick trip to the States (via 2 days in Germany - business - don't ask) So, of course, being British, and having read so much about people's experiences in places like the Wall of Marts, we'll, I had to see one for myself. (I'll admit, I went to a load of other places, and I can't remember what uniforms people wore, so details are sparse in that respect.)

2. What she sees is a Karen proceeding to shout on a teenage girl in the store and threatening her loudly

Font - This story starts with me walking through the WartMall, at once impressed with the range and the prices, and faintly horrified by some of the food. As I'm walking through, I hear the dreaded harrumphing of an approaching needy wild Karen. She wasn't looking at me, but at a teenaged girl. Now the girl was wearing jeans, jacket, handbag, and absolutely no uniform. This Karen starts whipping up a storm of demands and threats, and the poor girl looked like she was about to cry. Something had
Font - I decided that I'd intervene, but before I'd taken two steps, a genuine, bona-fide suit-wearing legend arrived, and... alright, I didn't know he was a legend immediately, so I am getting ahead of myself. Legend: (booming over Karens squawking diatribe): "What seems to be the problem?" Karen was taken aback by this his voice, but soon regained hers, and started complaining about everything the girl hadn't done, and how she should be fired, blah blah blah.

4. She fires the girl as the Karen demands by saying. ‘I am officially promoting you to a customer’. Karen still keeps talking

Font - The guy turns to the girl and says, "Right, I'm officially promoting you to customer. You're fired. Enjoy your shopping experience." The girl had clearly figured out what he was doing, and couldn't stop grinning. The legend turns back to Karen and says (as the title suggests): "She's fired. Happy now?" Karen saw the girl still smiling and decided she was even less happy, nearly shouting, "but I want her to get.. (something or other) and..."

5. At this point the man asks the Karen to stop harassing the girl otherwise security will deal her

Font - The legend stops her in her tracks, and says, "That's a customer you're harassing. If you continue to harass her, or ANY Other customer in this store, I'll have those large men from security haul you out the shop." Karen harrumphed again, albeit more quietly, stuck her nose up in the air, and stalked off. As she got to the end of the aisle, the teenager just burst out laughing, and it was such an infectious laugh, the legend joined in. Brilliant!
Karen was so stupid to cause a scene at the store. And I am beyond happy with how the man responded to all the chaos. I mean, the poor girl was only there to shop and that stupid woman was shouting at her for no reason.
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6. This is the funniest thing I have ever read as a sign outside a store


7. No that’s a funny question this commenter asked but we all know that he was from the management

Font - TahoeLT - 5 days ago What are the odds Suited Legend wasn't an employee either? 102 Reply Share fades2blxck · 5 days ago I can assure you not a single employee in Ceiling Shoppe would be wearing a suit. Not even upper management. 44 3 Reply Share Mike_OxonFaier OP · 5 days ago Honestly, I don't think he was. He looked a bit lawyerish
I don’t understand why some people are prone to create such a drama in public places. While many of them want to get attention, some of them are absolutely not in their right senses. Have you ever witnessed something similar in your daily life? We would like to hear stories from your side if you did. Share this article with your friends and family. If you want more entertaining content keep coming your way, stay tuned with defused and keep supporting. Have a good day!

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