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Karen And Her Fake Review Gets Exposed By Restaurant Owners And Karma Gets The Best Of Her

The Karen-poclyspe needs to stop.

Whenever we are out in public, there is some general guideline we all have to follow. Even if there are none, there are some etiquettes we all learn from our surroundings as we socialize with others. Every time we go out in public and socialize, we are representing ourselves as well as our family. That’s why we have to be on our best behaviour and have good social conduct. The way we speak and act says a lot about our personality and upbringing. If someone is being polite and conducting themselves well in public, it automatically gives an impression of a person belonging to a well-behaved and educated background. People would be naturally drawn to this person and would love to start a conversation with them. On the other hand, if someone is rude and aggressive, no one would want to talk to them. In fact, they would assume that they come from a very ill-mannered and illiterate background.

People working at restaurants and bars have so many stories to share and most of them are bad. They have experienced the best to worst behaviours, and some have even cried their hearts out but nobody listens. People working at these places literally have a lot of patience. Sometimes they have to deal with entitled people (Karens), and they can’t do anything about it except panic. It’s a part of their job to be polite with their customer, even if they’re dealing with a Karen. Some people try to take advantage of the “customer is always right” rule, even if they’re wrong. Since this has become a normal thing, Employees have become creative and found new and clever ways to put these Karen back in place all thanks to social media. Today we’d like to share an epic story with you guys. It’s about a Karen who was put in place by a restaurant she and her group had parted at. Scroll down to read the whole thing.

So this Karen went to a restaurant to party with her squad and gave this review.

It’s a pandemic situation, and the second wave of coronavirus has started, yet people are ignoring it like there’s no problem. People should void gatherings as much as possible and practice social distancing. This is the only way to control the spread of this virus until everybody gets vaccinated. It’s okay to grab some dinner, but you can always order at home or chose to hang out in smaller groups. Although it’s a regular review, but a party with a group of people doesn’t sound so safe in the current situation.

Here’s how the restaurant replied.


They even reviewed the CCTV footage of that night.


Jo and her squad wreaked havoc at the bar.


And they didn’t even apologise.


Jo and all her party group members are now banned from the bar.

The bar served this Karen right. They really put her back into her place. Hopefully, they all have learned their lesson and would behave the next time they plan a party at the bar or a restaurant. On the other hand, they were not following  SOPs. They did not practice social distancing and became a pain in the a*s instead. Although so many people have lost their lives to the coronavirus, unfortunately, some people are still not taking it seriously. Such people are a real threat to mankind. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.


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