20 Amazing Kittens Who Have The Powers To Make You Smile Uncontrollably

Everything a kitten does turn out to be cute.

I really have no idea how they do it but it is a supported fact that kittens are the quickest out of all the animals to win humans’ hearts with their adorableness and innocence. I mean if you think about it, it is a classic case of the tinnier you are, the cuter you look. And that is enough for these heartthrobs to win all hearts on the planet. One more factor that contributes to cats having so many fans is that they are packed with never-ending energy. They will be extremely active every single day of the year and they will only sleep because they like to sleep, not because they feel tired. With that level of energy, they are capable of keeping their owners excited, entertained, and joyous every day. And the opposite side includes stress, anxiety, and tensions, these creatures eliminate all of that from our lives as well.

Let’s just say cats are blessed with the power to make all humans smile and feel happy about life. Let’s look at some pictures proving this theory. You guys are bound to smile uncontrollably throughout this post.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. Looks like the printer ran out of ink on the fourth kitty print.


Via P00ld3ad / Reddit

2. This is Luna. She likes to hide under the sheets as her owner makes the bed and she absolutely loves doing this every day.


Via kammodi / Reddit

3. When they adopted the little kitten, they haven’t seen the two apart since that day.


Via zedt88 / Reddit

4. This cat seems to be high on the “Furball Whiskey” it got for its birthday.


Via Oddling_82 / Reddit

5. This person does not require blankets anymore, he has cats instead.


Via hkt1022 / Reddit

6. They were cuddling and when the owners caught them, this is how they reacted.


Via Lil_Beez / Reddit

7. Sasha was trained to stand up in order to get her treats. Now she stands up every time she sees her owners eat something.

Via Lazybeans / Reddit

8. The owner’s dice tray is now the kitten’s favorite seat and toy.


Via harvey-trout / Reddit

9. These two cuddling cats are looking so adorable. Looks like they were always meant to be together.

Via chamomilewhale / Reddit

10. His owner brought home a model tent from work. It is now the cat’s home.


Via rahhhmen / Reddit

See, you really can’t figure out how they do it but the magic works and we all smile at everything they do. That’s what cats are all about and I absolutely love them for this. They deserve to be loved and cherished forever. After all, we can’t survive without their presence.

Let’s enjoy some more pictures of cute little cats being extremely adorable.

11. “My kitten, Squirrel, was furious because they weighed her at the vet. She jumped into my sweater and complained loudly to management.”

Via livelylexie / Reddit

12. “Dom is doing a good job!”


Via Unknown / Reddit

13. “There is utter happiness when my kitten hugs a toy doll!”

Via twi8er / Reddit

14. “Over the weekend we welcomed this little guy into our home.”


Via justindenney / Reddit

15. “Took a picture of my cat looking at me upside down. I rotated it and ended up with the best picture ever.”

Via st41ker / Reddit

16. “High 20, humans!”


Via jeharpst / Reddit

17. “I found my soulmate!”

Via chippie_gummy

18. “Please read all the directions before assembling your cat.”


Via undeadrivalry / Reddit

19. “It’s yoga time!”

Via King Louie / instagram

20. Imagine waking up to this beautiful face every single day.


Via BavarianCreamCat / Reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Do let us know if you guys smiled through this post or not.

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