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10+ Lazy But Smart People Who Have Mastered Their Problem-Solving Skills

There are times in your life when you come across an issue that doesn’t have a direct solution. The typical answers to these scenarios are usually things that require a lot of unnecessary effort, and the reason I say it’s unnecessary is that people have found out ways to bypass it entirely.


We have people who got tried while trying to feed their baby, and their elegant solution to the issue was to use bananas. How, you might ask? Scroll down and find out. There’s a saying in the engineering community, something that resonates with the kind of tactics the people in these posts are using. The saying is this, “If it looks stupid, but it works, it ain’t stupid.”

And these do certainly work.

#1 Elevated cooking.

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#2 Hadouken!

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#3 Valve of control.

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#4 Infinite toilet paper.

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#5 Ice removing broom.

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#6 Transporting cars.

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#7 Banana feeder

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Feeding a baby can be pretty difficult sometimes, as you’re supposed to keep the bottle up at a level that the baby can drink from but also at a level that they can fall asleep in without much trouble. Using bananas, something so incredibly mundane, to come to such a solution is just… Nuts, absolutely nuts.

#8 Apple corner.

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#9 Painting a hit.

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#10 Accidents are decorations.

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#11 Third road line.

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#12 Excalibur gear shift.

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#13 Cycling mower.

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This is a really clever idea. Mowing the lawn can be pretty tedious a task, especially when you have to do it yourself. If you get one of your kids to do it, they might not be able to do it right, but with this nifty little device, they can do all the hard work while cycling, which is something they probably enjoy doing anyway.

#14 Flatscreen.

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#15 Emergency plate.

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#16 Candlelit dinner.

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#17 Duct tape handle

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#18 Thanksgiving hole.

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#19 Hat charger

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#20 Gotta show you’re married

What about you? Have you ever attempted something like this or seen a friend do it? Tell us about it in the comments, we’d love to hear!


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