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20 Photos That Show You Can Find Love In The Most Unexpected Way

Is there a specific time and place to fall in love? Nah I don’t think so. Is there a specific place to find love? Well, it can be found at any place in the most unexpected ways possible. The sad thing is that we humans are just so busy in our daily lives, oftentimes just focused on wanting to get through the days that we don’t take time to look around us and notice the tiny signs the world is giving us, literally in the most subtle ways possible. It’s quite ironic that it is the world’s way of making things happen when we don’t want it to or sometimes just do not see it coming.


We have gathered a few pictures which depict that love exists in the tiniest of things and you just need to be observant enough. Are you ready? Start scrolling to be surprised!

1. Bees found their spa.

Via © Whatifdogscouldread/reddit

“I saw that every time I watered the plants there were bees drinking from the ground so I made a bee bath out of a bowl and rocks.” After all they are living beings too and deserve to be facilitated with the little needs and desires that they have.

2. Meet the new partner in crime.

Via © trancesylvania/reddit

“I found a new friend after cycling uphill for 4 hours. Peace and love!”

3. They both are having quite a moment.

Via © beans769/reddit

“2 friends with the same feelings meet.” The unbreakable bond of them seems just too pure to allow any form of interruption in the middle of it.

4. The security guard is on high alert.

Via © mishalaluna/reddit

“The house was way too quiet for a little while yesterday. I walked into the living room and found everyone like this.” All pets adore their owner even if he might be asleep, pets wait impatiently for the owner to get up and entertain the tiny species.

5. This is just too cute.

Via © JustAnotherGoodGuy/reddit

“As long as we’re sharing kittens found under vehicles, here’s ours. Meet Axel!” The cat may not even know or be aware of where it may be, but we humans can just fall for such a beauty right there and then!

6. Perfect depiction of love.

Via © alifeiliMD/reddit

“The reason I stayed alive today. Their love gives me hope.”

7. He loves his Cheetos.

Via © Janook/reddit

“I found the love of my life, just in time for Valentine’s Day.”

8. The hug says it all!

Via © thisgirlscores/reddit

“I found this today in a moment of lost hope that real love is out there for me. My grandparents in the 1930s or 40s. My hope is restored.” Love is present in all forms and doesn’t require perfection, keep hoping for the best coming your way, and do not give up.

Do you believe that there have been times where you sat next to the window, staring outside as to what might life hold for you in the near future? Well, guess what, you aren’t the only one on that. Life is unpredictable and it continues to give tiny cues along its way to remind us of the good times.

9. Doesn’t the emotions look just too pure to describe in words?

Via © gangbangkang/reddit

“Lowe’s ran out of generators, and a complete stranger gave his generator to a woman whose father is living on oxygen.” That is the most generous man out there.

10. Hand in hand, that’s how strong and powerful bonds are made.

Via © phenols/reddit

 “I was watching a movie with my sons and my 5-year-old put his hand on mine, looked at me, and said, ’I love you, daddy.’” The true father and son bond is remarkable, breaking the gender norms, the expression of love is just too cute.

11. The cat just amused us with its unconscious illusion, fit like a puzzle.

Via © raavanan007/reddit

12. The picture is a memorable moment of ultimate joy and happiness.

Via © zz870/reddit

“4 years after my grandmother died, my grandpa has found love again and got married yesterday.” No matter how tough or hard things might get, after a while, we all get back up and move on as time heals the suffering and sooner or later, it is time to give yourself another chance to be happy.

13. No matter how old or young a couple is, it is the respect for one another that is cherishable.

Via © alifeiliMD/reddit

“Today my patient was an elderly gentleman who came in with his wife. They showed me what true love really looks like.”

14. She is having a time of her life.

Via © ledenutgrafkicker/reddit

“My 85-year-old grandma who loves the Miami Dolphins randomly met Dan Marino and wouldn’t let go of him.” It is a matter of time, as long as you did find someone to fan girl over, i mean go for it!!

15. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Via © Criviere/imgur

“He was able to make her the happiest girl on earth.” Love has no right or wrong rule, we can find it in all forms, as long as there is a connection, the perfect bond, what is left to lose than to get on your knees and propose.

16. They both are taking a quiet peaceful nap.

Via © bmoneyhoney06/reddit

“He didn’t want a puppy. He said he would move out. Sure, honey. Meet Daisy.” Now they both are inseparable.

17. Such a cute paw buddy.

Via © im_a_worm/reddit

“My friend’s dogs were caught hugging before a visit to the vet.”

18. Someone found love in the parking lot.

Via © alwaysredeyed/reddit

19. Not letting you go, hooman.

Via © Kosmosnoetos/reddit

 “When you go to adopt a cat but she adopts you first!” It is not always unrequited love from the adoptees, as long as they feel loved and wanted, pets too will make you feel like you did a good job.

20. And you say love doesn’t exist? Suuuure!

Via © Eldwick/reddit

“My friend found this while volunteering in California, I love you too nature!”

No matter what part of life you are in, no matter how tough things have been, just de-stress after a long day, meditate and let life take you on the journey than you trying to control aspects of life that are just not in your control!


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