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This Malamute Husky Was Raised By Cats And She Acts Like Cats

We’ve seen and heard a lot about cats who act and behave like dogs. But dogs who act like cats are rare. This is usually because of the friendly personality dogs possess. They enjoy companionship and act in ways that are more engaging with humans. Well, unlike this doggo who was raised by cats. Tally is a dog that behaves like a cat. She is a mixed breed. A cross between husky, malamute and some other breed. The owner Dong_of_justice said: ” she’s husky/malamute/little bit of something else. She looks and behaves more like a malamute (which are also a bit cat-like), but most people don’t know what they are so I go with ‘husky.’ ”


According to the owner since the dog is “raised with cats, and thought she was.. cat herself “, she never ceases to act like one. Tally would sit like cats, with her legs tucked under her and she would hide away in boxes just like a normal cat would. Below we have Tally’s pictures that will crack you up!

So, scroll down below and check out this adorable cat. I mean, dog…same thing.

She would sit under the chairs like a cat.

For a dog, this behavior is a little suspicious but by looking at her, it just makes you wanna love her even more. Those puppy dog eyes and that concerned face. Simply adorable but the way she’s all tucked in under the chair, it’s hilarious. Tally’s owner also calls her “Tao Tao” which is Chinese for mischievous. That’s because she totally is mischievous. She exhibits cat-like behaviour anytime she’s mad at her owner for not obeying her. The owner said: “Our cat dog would piss on our floors if we ever did something wrong as well. She also had a knack for finding the best worst places to do it (i. e. carpets, rugs, etc.). She also sat like a cat, with her arms and legs tucked under herself.

And a little more sitting.


She seems to be waiting for her food. Tally is one big cat dog. The owner also said: ” She was raised with cats by her previous owners, and they only gave me puppy pictures without the cats. I can’t prove she was raised with them or that she truly thinks she’s a cat “

Tally was adopted at the age of 2. Sleeping so peacefully like a cat.


She looks like a teddy bear in this picture with a cute little blep.


It’s wrong not to sit inside boxes when acting like a cat.


And here’s a closer look.


She would sit in there for as long as she wants.


Cats love to squeeze into confined spaces, and so does Tally.

Tired Tally.


“Lazy but flexible, so she’ll twist her head round to check what’s going on”

The friendship of a cat and a dog already seems impossible. But, a dog being raised by a cat? It leaves us wondering how. Well, it is possible for dogs and cats to be friends under certain conditions. The only time when its suitable for them to be friends is when they both are still young. The ideal time is when a cat is between 6 to 12 weeks old and a dog is 8 to 16 weeks old. When they grow up the introduction becomes a difficult task. The bonding of a cat and dog does not depend on their breed. They bond on the basis of their natural behavior towards each other that they already possess.

Looks like someone just got in trouble.


And some more trouble.


Well, I suppose getting trapped inside a bag of chips is usual…

She also enjoys sunbathing… like a cat.


Do you wanna build a snowman?

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Here’s a little closer look at the snowman.


“I would get stopped a lot on the streets just to be told how beautiful she was. Usually wouldn’t be able to hear it all before she’d drag me away.”

Guess she wants tummy rubs…

“Cat fact of the day: You might think that she’d like you to pet her belly. You would be wrong. She’ll stare at you and sigh a lot until you stop.”

Picture ready Tally.


Tally likes to wear fancy hats.

“Let me observe my hooman.”


“She’s almost completely mute. She likes to lie there, observing people and silently judging them all day”

Cats usually stalk humans and their prey as a hunting routine. They tend to observe the prey before pouncing, but obviously they don’t think of humans as prey. Cats are natural stalkers, and the key reason for such a behaviour is to obtain food. Cats have an urge to stalk, and when they are getting food from humans they no longer need to hunt for food, they just sit at a distance and stalk humans and objects. If they don’t do so, they become frustrated and depressed.

They have this natural instinct to pounce. And they do so on objects like toys and stuff. This is also one of the reasons why they attack humans and scratch them for no reason. This is just to satisfy their urge of stalking and pouncing. It seems like Tally has also developed this sense of stalking from her cat parents. Now, she sits and observes human activities from a distance. Although we don’t know if she pounces and attacks her potential prey as a cat would.

And a little more observing…

That’s usually a cat’s behavior to observe humans and stare at them for no reason. Tally is doing the same.



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