Mom Makes Fun Of ‘Mom Groups’ By Hilariously Describing What Goes On In Them

What happens inside of ‘Mom Groups’ on Facebook?

Do they talk about conspiracy theories? Cooking recipies? World domination? Marriage problems? Who knows? I’m clearly not in one of those groups so I wouldn’t know. Considering that half of you are guys, you wouldn’t know either. So, how do we get inside one of those secret groups that have become so famous in recent times?


I mean, we could simply ask one of the moms, but they wouldn’t break their mom code to give us a hint, would they? Well, in this case we’ve only got one person to thankthis one legendary mom in the following post.

Apparently, this mom was completely sick and tired of everyone’s repeated bullsh*t in the ‘moms group.’ So, she thought of exposing them by accurately qouting some of their most asked questions. Scoll on below and take a look at them yourself.

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I haven’t seen so many burns in a single sentence in my entire life.

This is too much.


Why would you do that?!


I can’t breathe.


At first, I thought her roasts would be really funny, but she completely destroyed them. The way she used their names accurately reflects the kind of questions they asked.

People loved this post so much that they couldn’t help but express their mutual feelings.

Here’s how they responded.

Tragically accurate.


I like this “insane” person. Seems like she is some kind of mom punisher for ignorant moms. Unfortunately its not just her mom groups. Facebook is a cesspool of idiots. Thats why I stick to the neckbeards on reddit.


Oh god so many injury/rash pictures. Also the ones where they warn against the irritation cause by x brand diaper followed by fighting about diaper brands cause no one seems to realize that each kid’s skin is different. Then some arguing over sleep training.


The highlight of my baby group was the mom who followed her crawling baby girl around with a mat because they only had hardwood and tile in their house. Was the mat for a logical reason like “Will the baby get burns from crawling on the floor?” Nope, she did not want her baby sitting on the floor because the floors were cold (we’re Canadian and it’s winter) and she said it would damage her daughter’s uterus.

The fuck.


This is the most sane person I’ve ever seen on Facebook


13 min? Who is this marathon man?


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