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17 Hidden “Harry Potter” Details That J.K. Rowling Revealed After The Books’ Release

Harry Potter’s enigmatic wizarding world!

Have you read any of Harry Potter’s series? If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you must have read J.K. Rowling’s last Harry Potter novel, which was released in 2007. Harry Potter, the film’s star, is the main driver for the film’s enduring popularity and international praise. Oh, and don’t forget the animators that brought this movie to life through its special effects.


The Wizard World website was launched in 2012 by J.K. Rowling after she published a complete set of this movie’s books. If you haven’t done so before, you need to check out this website. What a surprise awaits!

Moreover, J.K Rowling has shed light on some of the additional and amazing information on the mysterious world of wizards. Want to know more about this information? Then just keep scrolling down to read the whole thing!

1. Hatshall!

Via  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 / Warner Bros. Pictures© Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban / Warner Bros. Pictures

It usually takes the Sorting Hat less than 5 minutes to choose the faculty. But if it fails to make a decision during this time, Hatstall happens. This very rare event occurs approximately once every 50 years. Among Harry Potter’s contemporaries, Hatstall happened only 2 times. The first time was with Professor McGonagall, whom the Sorting Hat wanted to send either to Ravenclaw or to Gryffindor. And the second situation happened with Peter Pettigrew. In his case, it was a choice between Gryffindor and Slytherin.

2. The Marauder’s Map!

James, Remus, Sirius, and Peter enchanted the Marauder’s Map in such a way that it would always repel the curiosity of their nemesis, Severus Snape.

Via  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban / Warner Bros. Pictures

3. “Pure-Blood Directory”

There is a “Pure-Blood Directory” that was written in the 1930s by an anonymous author. In it, there is a list of families that are truly pure of blood. They are called the “Sacred Twenty-Eight.” There are also the families of Sirius Black, Neville Longbottom, Bellatrix Lestrange and Ron Weasley there.
There was a lot of anger in the wizarding world when the directory was made public. Some were outraged that their names weren’t on the list. The other people were angry because they were on it. The Weasley family was in the next group. They always thought Muggles were interesting and hardworking, and they didn’t think it was wrong to talk to them. But most of the remaining families of the “Sacred Twenty-Eight” put purity of blood above other things and didn’t like people who talked to Muggles and half-breeds.

4. The Battle of Hogwarts!

After the fight at Hogwarts, the head of the Malfoy family got away with it because he told the court about other Death Eaters.

5. Astoria refused to raise her son to hate Muggles.

Via Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 / Warner Bros. Pictures

Because her family and her husband’s family, like many on the “Sacred Twenty-Eight” list, believe that pure blood is better, Astoria didn’t raise her son to hate Muggles or half-breed wizards, even though her family and her husband’s family did the same. Because of this, Narcissa and Lucius’s family gatherings were very stressful because they were so angry.

6. Only the wizards can see Thestrals!

Via Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix / Warner Bros. Pictures

Only the wizards can see Thestrals, who have realized what death is. Harry didn’t see Thestrals until Cedric died, even though his mother was killed in front of him. It happened because his mother was murdered when he was barely out of babyhood and he was unable to realize his loss. When Professor Quirrell died in the first book, Harry was unconscious.
On the other hand, Luna Lovegood also lost her mother when she was younger too. But she was able to see Thestrals before Harry because she, according to Rowling, is more spiritual and unafraid of the afterlife.

7. Neville and Hannah tied the knot!

Instead of Luna(who he ran to, to confess his love in the last film), Neville married Hannah Abbott from Hufflepuff.

8. Minerva McGonagall, an outstanding Quidditch Player!

One of the most brilliant pupils at Hogwarts, Minerva McGonagall was also an outstanding Quidditch player. Her mother, who used to be the team’s captain gave her this gift.

9. McGonagall fell in love with Dougal McGregor.

As a young woman when she was only 18, McGonagall fell in love with Dougal McGregor, the son of a Scottish farmer. He asked her out, and she said yes. Minerva, on the other hand, spent the night worrying about her future – she had been accepted to work at the Ministry of Magic in London, and Dougal was eager to inherit his father’s land. Moreover, he had no idea of the supernatural basis of his feelings. Finally, McGonagall made the decision to reject his proposal.

Via Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets / Warner Bros. Pictures

10. Azkaban was not a prison for wizards!

At first, Azkaban was not a place for wizards to be imprisoned. A sorcerer named Ekrizdis lived in this enchanted and hidden fortress, and he practiced the worst forms of dark magic. In order to keep himself entertained, Ekrizdis lured Muggle sailors aboard his ship, tortured and killed them. The Ministry of Magic discovered this castle after the sorcerer’s death and converted it into a jail. Despite their efforts, the dementors remained limited to the island since they had a continual supply of souls to feed on. In the absence of inmates, the prison would be abandoned and the inmates would flee to the mainland.

Via Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix / Warner Bros. Pictures

11. Kingsley Shacklebolt became the Minister for Magic.

Via Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 / Warner Bros. Pictures

In 1998, after Voldemort’s death, Kingsley Shacklebolt became the Minister for Magic. He cleared Azkaban from Dementors, and Aurors became the new guards.

12. Durmstrang, the most secretive school!

Durmstrang is one of the most secretive of all schools in the wizarding world. Those who were lucky enough to be visitors of this school had to comply with memory charms which erased their knowledge of how they got there.

13. Magical Portraits!

Via  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban / Warner Bros. Pictures

The memories and personalities of the prototypes are preserved in magical images of real people. They can’t take the position of a human being in all respects. When a headmaster or headmistress of Hogwarts dies, their portrait is automatically displayed in their office. When the picture is ready, the headmaster or headmistress keeps it locked in a closet. They can visit the portrait and convey to their painted version all of their useful memories.

14. Dolores Umbridge lied to everyone that she is pureblooded!

Via  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix / Warner Bros. Pictures

Dolores Umbridge didn’t like where she came from. Her father was a wizard and her mother was a Muggle. In order to be pure-blooded, she lied to everyone. She didn’t tell anyone about her Muggle mother or Squib brother.
Her first job was at the Ministry. He didn’t like her at the age of 17 because she was unjust. She also had sadistic tendencies at that age. When the Dark Lord was killed, Dolores went to court to show that she worked hard to help him run the country. She was found guilty of torturing and killing a lot of people.

15. Time Turner was a big problem while writing the story!

In 2015, Rowling said that she made mistakes when she tried to write about time travel. Due to the Time-Turner, she thought she might have trouble with the plot. She thought: “If a wizard can return to the past and fix all their problems, then what can I write about next?”. There was still some Time-Turners left in the fifth book, so she killed them all.

16. Wizards couldn’t go back to the day before.

Via  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban / Warner Bros. Pictures

With help from Time Turner, a wizard can’t go back even to the day before. A person can go back in time for as long as 5 hours. During this time, a wizard will either die or have a huge impact on the lives of many people. But in 2016, the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which was written by J.K. Rowling, came out. In the tale, the characters have better Time-Turners.

17. Bonus: At first, J.K. Rowling thought that Emma Watson was too pretty for the role.

Via © Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone / Warner Bros. Pictures

One of the things she said in an interview was that when she first saw Emma Watson, she was very unfortunate. In this case, the young actress didn’t fit the role because she was too beautiful. The point is that in her books, J.K. Rowling showed how this character went from being an unnoticed girl to becoming a beautiful woman. But it was impossible to show this with Emma Watson because she was so cute and friendly. The writer eventually told herself that this was just a movie and that Emma was a great actress who was very much like Miss Granger.

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