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10 Movie Hints That You Missed During The First Watch

There is so much in a movie that goes unnoticed.

How many times have you seen a movie the second time and have gone “Oh wait, I didn’t notice that the first time.” or “This makes a lot more sense now.”. I personally this happens because of the amazing cinematics associated with the so-called “main scenes”. You get so immersed in those gorgeous scenes that you often, or at least I have many times, miss what’s happening on the sides or in the background. These are formally known as “easter eggs” that movie creators purposefully put in there just to keep the fans watching.

It is now a major trend and big movie franchises love adding little hints here and there just so the watchers keep watching the film, again and again, to figure out all those details they missed.

Thanks to Sherlock Holmes of the world who did identify all the subtle hints in some of the most famous movies, today we are going to enjoy those discoveries.

Scroll down below to discover something you might’ve missed the first time.

1. The names of the two main characters in the show Squid Game represented their story.

Seong Gi-hun’s name translated to Meritorious Deed. His story of going from a poor weakling to a confident rich winner sits perfectly with that name.

The old man in the series was named Oh II-nam. It translated directly to “Number One Person”. This linked his name directly to his number tag “001” and his overall status in the show.

Source: © Ojing-eo geim / Netflix© Ojing-eo geim / Netflix

2. The blue glasses and the blue cat had significance in the movie The Matrix Ressurection.


Neo’s blue glasses were basically his blue pill as he sees the world he created through those glasses. They made him the architect.

Moreover, the blue cat, named Deja-Vu, reappearance in the first part proved there was a glitch in the Matrix. Also, the presence of the blue cat hinted towards the fact that the character hides danger.

Source: © The Matrix Resurrections / Warner Bros., © The Matrix Resurrections / Warner Bros

3. Diana’s outfits in Spencer had labels on them to let her know which outfit is for which occasion.


So the outfits, in real life, would have labels like “For Christmas”, “For Dinner”, “For Party” etc. In the movie, however, she was seen breaking the rules by wearing a red coat to Christmas Eve church services, an event she wasn’t supposed to wear that coat to.

Source: © Spencer / Shoebox Films© Spencer / Shoebox Films

4. In the movie The Lion King, Scar’s real name is “Taka”. Taka in Swahili means “waste” perfectly settling with his destiny in the movie.


Source: © The Lion King / Walt Disney Pictures

5. The name and the ring seemed familiar in Last Night in Soho.


At the very beginning of the movie, we can see that the house owner, Ms. Collins, introduces herself as Alexandra to her future tenant and that had happened for the first time.

Later in the movie, we are shown that the woman the main character is trying to find is also named Alexandra. To prove they were the same person, you can notice Alexendra and Ms. Collins wearing the exact same ring.

Source: © Last Night in Soho / Focus Features© Last Night in Soho / Focus Features

Well, one thing is for sure, I am doing to rewatch these exact scenes from all these movies just for the whole “satisfaction” factor. The fact that my brain registers all the easter eggs that I previously had no clue existed would make me a happier person.

Let’s enjoy some more hidden hints dropped by creators in movies and tv shows that we had no idea about. Scroll down to continue.

6. The promoter wearing the dinosaur costume in the movie Don’t Look Up was an easter egg.


In this exact scene, Kate was seen telling her boyfriend that a comet is headed towards Earth that is far bigger in size compared to the asteroid that hit Earth and killed all the dinosaurs. A major hint by the creators. The dinosaur promoter also starts to make sense now.

Source: © Don’t Look Up / Hyperobject Industries

7. At the beginning of the movie, Dune, we saw a matador and a bull’s head. This hinted towards the fact that Duke’s father was a matador and that he had an accident during a bullfight. That is why throughout the movie bull signs are considered a sign of bad luck.


Source: © Dune / Legendary Entertainment© Dune / Legendary Entertainment

8. In Cruella, Estella was seen watching Lifeboat by Alfred Hitchcock.


In one frame, the actress in the movie was seen laughing after she loses everything. This was a foreshadowing as we saw Estella doing the exact same thing.

Source: © Cruella / Walt Disney Pictures© Cruella / Walt Disney Pictures

9. There was a lot more to that wedding dress in House of Gucci.


The wedding dress was originally going to be a lot more simple and modest as compared to the one we say Lady Gaga wears in this scene.

The big neckline and the lace were added to give a hint about how far Patrizia Reggiani was from fitting into the house of Gucci.

Source: © House of Gucci / MGM

10. It was very well hinted, in the movie Mare of Easttown, that Erin was killed by John Rose’s son, Ryan, by this sign board that Mare saw while driving through Easttown. It said, “Watch Children”.


Source: © Mare of Easttown / HBO

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. How many of these details did you already know about?

Stay tuned for more.

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